Chapter 22 - His brain

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Smiling his gorgeous Joe smile, he said, "You're right."

Before she could reply, Christa appeared and acted surprised to see Joe in Ella's classroom.

"Oh Ella, I was just going to ask you if you had a nice weekend," she said but was looking at Joe.

Ella smiled and replied, "I had a great weekend. You?"

"Oh yeah, I went dancing on Saturday night. You should come sometime."

Ella wasn't sure who she was asking because she was looking at Joe still. Ella replied, "I work most Saturdays. Joe, do you dance?"

Joe glared at her and replied, "Not at a club, I'm afraid that I live the life of a parent who has to enforce curfews. Some nights my girlfriend keeps me company, but she isn't really the club type either." As he finished his thought, he waved and walked out the door leaving Ella with Christa.

"I thought you said he was single," she hissed.

"I guess I was wrong. I might know a guy for you. I went out with him a couple of times, but he wasn't right for me. Are you interested?"

"Is he as hot as Joe?"

Ella laughed and said, "Is that even possible? No, seriously he is good looking and he likes kids and ..."

"I don't know maybe. I need to get over my heartache first..."

Ella thought if only she knew what a real heartache felt like. Just as quickly she regretted suggesting Dylan because she needed to keep her school and private lives separate. She could just hear Christa talking about Joe, the hot English teacher. That might get by Tony, but it wouldn't get by Ava.

Students started trickling in and Christa said, "We should have lunch together."

Ella agreed. As long as Christa got over Joe, Ella was happy to make a new friend.

Ella was walking towards Christa's room as Caleb was walking out of his art class. Ella heard as Christa stopped him and asked, "Hey Caleb, your brother told me he had a girlfriend, does he really?"

Caleb glanced at Ella and said, "Yeah, he got back together with the girl he was with before he married his ex. He's really lucky that she took him back."

"So it's serious?" she asked.

"I guess, but you should ask him what do I know about serious, I'm only seventeen."

Ella who had stopped and listened started walking again just in time to see Caleb wink at her. Luckily Christa wasn't looking his way. Instead, she turned to Ella and asked, "You're friends with him do you know this old, new girlfriend?"

Ella hated to lie, but couldn't help answering, "Yeah, she's perfect for him. I came by to see about lunch, but let's not talk about Joe. I feel funny talking behind his back since he's a friend."

Ella followed her into the art room. As she looked around, she asked, "Are these your students' work?"

"Some are mine," she replied as she pointed to some incredible paintings and drawings.

"Wow! You really are talented."

"You are too." When Ella questioned her she said, "The kids were talking about you on YouTube."

"Oh, I've been with the band for a while now."

"It's not really my kind of music," Christa confessed.

Ella nodded, "We definitely attract an older crowd. My best friend Tony is always one of the youngest in the audience."

"Is that code for boyfriend?" she asked.

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