Time flies so fast

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Five years, and now I'm 11 years old and was currently on grade-5 turning sixth grade.

Ah~ time flies so fast.

There's nothing much that happened in these five years. And I found out why those two great masters was calling me nicknames like we're close. It's because they were scolded when they ignored me six years ago by their mother's especially when they were fighting and I nearly got scalded.

I can't believe they're obedient though.

So, now, they have to acknowledge me if they see me. Truly, makes my head so high——not! Everyone's now looking at me weirdly!

Especially, isn't these a road for my destruction?! I keep stepping on their pride! Oh Kamisama! Help me!

Of course, greeting me was another thing because that's normal for a Pivoine member but everyone, especially our kohai, was looking at me like I'm some kind of treasure!

I wanna go home and hide myself there! It's embarrassing!

That's what I always think in these five years but I keep myself confident and smiling physically even though it's quite the opposite mentally.

How do I know all of these? Well, from their mothers when I ask them what happened to their sons.
You see, in these five years we always have a family vacation or friends.

Like, in my second grade, we went to Thailand, in the third grade, we went to China, in the fourth grade we went to England, now, in the fifth grade I don't know. Fu~un. Rich people.

"Ariadnna-sama, Ryan-sama wants you to hurry home."

Hmm? I stop listening to my followers, er, friends when I heard my attendant's words.
Ara? Otou-sama wants me to hurry home?

"You heard it, right girls? I have to go now. If you'll excuse me." I smiled apologically.

They just smiled and said 'I understand' then 'Have a nice day,' before I turn around.

Walking out of the classroom I hurriedly walk to our car in waiting. But I stopped when I saw the other two familiar cars.
Looking back, I saw the two boys hurriedly walking in their own cars stopped when we saw each other.

I blink. They blink. I blink. They blink. We're all confused.

Is this a coincidence or not?


It's not a coincidence at all! We're all here in a hospital room. A VVIP room I might say.

In front of us is Asuca-obaa-sama who looks pale but her face is brightening, in her her arms was a bundle of clothing. A baby?

"Asuca-obaa-sama is pregnant?" I can't help but ask the boys beside me.

"Looks like so." Haruto-sama answer me.

"Is it a girl or a boy?" I ask again.

"It's a girl according to mother." Sora-sama answered me this time.

Rare right? Us talking without fights, glare, nor bickering? Well, of course! After all, our houses' devils are here.

"Why aren't we inform?" Haruto-sama ask again.

Right, usually mother would tell me what's happening with obaa-samas especially a special occasion like this. Why aren't we inform now?

"Do I have to inform you?"

"Is it too much to say that?"

"Why? You can just tell your mother to bear a young sibling for you."

"You know that's not what I meant. I just--!"

"What?! Plan to make my sister your sister."

"I don't need a sibling. They're annoying. You can keep your sister."

"Are you saying, my sister's annoying?!"


"Cat got your tongue, bastard?"

"What did you say?"

"Now you're deaf? I said bastard you deaf!"

Ara~ara~ they're at it again. Listening to their nonsense, I wonder where their IQ is?
All in all they're idiots.

"Idiots." I muttered but coincidentally someone said it with me.

I look at my father as we sigh together. Yes, it's because Kaburagi-ojisama and Tonoiun-ojisama was also bickering at his side with the same topic.

It's a good thing that mother and obaa-samas are busy chatting though. And they all look so happy.

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