Chapter 20 - Granny's advice

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Ella was distracted first thing in the morning and almost walked into another teacher. Thankfully she didn't realize Ella's mistake and was more interested in introducing herself. Christa was an art teacher and they looked to be about the same age.

"Welcome!" she exclaimed and began walking with Ella to the music room. "This is my third year and I'm glad that they keep hiring younger teachers."

Ella replied, "This is my fourth year teaching."

"Why'd you switch schools?" Christa asked.

"Mostly because this is a great school, but also because I needed a change. Teaching at the same school I attended has some drawbacks." Like everyone knows your business and your family.

"Oh, I can only imagine. We definitely have teachers who went here." Ella nodded and Christa continued, "Have you seen the new English teacher? Of course, you have who could miss him. I'm trying to find out if he's single. I'm not the only one, but I have an advantage because I have his brother in my class."

Ella suddenly felt territorial and said, "I have Caleb too. I actually used to teach with Joe."

"Oh, so you know his story! Tell me what you know."

Ella was frustrated with Joe after she spoke to him the night before and now finding out he had a harem didn't help. She replied, "He's divorced, so that would make him single again."

Christa left to what Ella assumed was to walk the halls hoping to bump into Joe. Joe had aggravated Ella when she called him back. He was teasing her about having another date. He even asked if he held onto her when her knees went weak.

Now Ella was wondering if he was going to kiss her. Her belly was fluttering at the thought, but at the same time she knew her knees would go weak and he'd know the effect he had on her.

The worst part was that she hadn't expected to see Dylan. He dropped by as a surprise. Ella figured out pretty quick what he had in mind for the evening. He had suddenly reminded her of Colin. She was in the middle of explaining that she really didn't think they were working out when Joe called. Dylan assumed the caller was the reason why she was breaking up with him.

"It was another teacher calling about one of my students," she explained. She was telling the truth, but Dylan was right too.

He finally left after she mentioned Tony. "Ask Tony, he'll tell you that you were the first guy I agreed to go out with after a difficult breakup. I discovered that I not ready to move on..."

She was upset when she returned Joe's call and when he teased her, she exclaimed, "Not tonight Joe. I'm not in the mood for your games."

"Sorry, El. I wanted to talk about my dinner..."

"Did you two talk?"


She cut him off and said, "I'm glad. I'm going to bed. Goodbye Joe."

Last night she didn't care if he was mad at her, but today she did. Now the art teacher was after Joe and she was tall and quite striking. It didn't surprise her when Joe appeared during her free block. Every time she saw him she wanted to pinch herself to ensure she wasn't dreaming. Today he looked apprehensive with a thin smile.

He greeted her quietly and scrutinizing her face asked, "Are you alright?" She nodded. "I'm sorry I was teasing you about your date. You know I make light of it, because I'm jealous as hell, but I know I deserve it."

"I met Caleb's art teacher. She has the hots for you."

"That's what Caleb said when I met her, but I assured him I wasn't interested."

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