We're Sorry

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Skylar's POV

I treat my last patient for today, who was rushed into the hospital because he had broken ribs and a broken arm, easy fix. 

Anyways, it's lunchtime and we all sit down at a different table this time, we didn't want to take their table again. The group comes back to us.

"Ugh." Groans Nathan.

"If they say this is their table this time, I'm going to strangle them." Says David.

"Or if he comes back and says something mean." Says Eric.

"Calm down." I say. "I'll deal with it."

"Hi." Says the same guy. "Look, I'm sorry about last time."

We all look at each other with shocked eyes.

"We saw you better yesterday and today." Says one of the girls. "You treat your patients with care, we're sorry we didn't realize."

"It's okay." I smile.

"I'm Kyle." Says the guy from yesterday.

"I'm Taylor." Says the girl that spoke.

I'm John." Says the other boy.

"And I'm Jessica." Says the last person.

"Well, it was nice meeting you guys." I smile. "Thank you for the apology, see you guys around?"

"Yeah." They nod and get back to their table.

"You are too calm." Says Cara. "And that's coming from a PEDS surgeon."

"Thanks?" I question.

"I'm just glad you didn't invite them to sit with us." Says Eric.

"I know you wouldn't want to." I laugh.

"Good." They all say, laughing. 

"Okay, let's all get to know each other better." Says David.

Oh god..

"So, did you guys do something before becoming a doctor?" He asks. "If not, why did you become a surgeon?"

"I, obviously was a doctor from a different hospital." Says Laura. "I wanted to become a surgeon because, as a kid, I wanted to help people."

"I Just wanted to help kids." Says Cara. "I actually needed surgery when I was little and I was fascinated by my surgeon, so I asked TONS of questions, so then, I decided to become one."

"I originally wanted to be a veterinarian." Says Nathan. "But, I then leaned more into surgery on people, I don't know why."

"I actually have a sad story behind why I became a surgeon." Says Eric, good it's not just me. "My dad and I were out on a walk when some robbers robbed us, they took everything, but they also wanted his watch. The watch my mom gave to him, dad wouldn't give it to them, so, they shot him, right in front of me. I just watched him, die slowly in front of me, not knowing what to do, so I decided to become a surgeon, so I would know what to do."

"I'm sorry for your loss." Says David.

"Thank you." Smiles Eric.

"I'll go then." Says David. "I decided to be a surgeon because when I was little I, also, was fascinated my surgeons, mostly how they work with their hands."

David finishes and they all look at me. I should say no... right? But, they all shared their stories, even Eric, who had a sad story too. Plus, I trust them, they won't look at me with sympathy or like I'm a kicked puppy, which is something I hate when people do, it's why I stopped telling people. So, I decided to share my story. I begin with a sigh.

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