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          "Savannah, stay in the car. Do not get of this car, do you hear me? Savannah!"

          Savannah almost aggresively yelled a 'yes', which confused Logan, but he didn't question it. The longer they stayed in Riverdale, the more their chances of being caught is increased. They weren't supposed to be back in town since they were 'dead', but Longan needed to check on -- someone.

She almost couldn't believe the secret her brother has kept from her. She couldn't grasp the fact that he left them, both of them — who knows, maybe more. For all she knows, his wife could have another kid. Savannah scoffed and stared out the darkly tinted windows. She saw the people who greeted her as she went to school, and some that she loved to pieces.

          Tears filled her eyes as she felt that longing to see and hug them return. She missed everyone here — everyone she grew up with and loved. She missed her best friends, her cheer squad, Pop's milkshakes, and Sweet Pea. Oh, how much she wanted to kiss that boy. She looked around and noticed something odd, odd enough to stop her tears.

Savannah watched as Cheryl frowned while her two minions laughed. Reggie didn't give his dorky smile as he did when she was there. And when she watched Archie, Jughead, Veronica, and Betty, they didn't even speak. She then realized that they held one thing in common, they were thinking and glancing at each other. Suddenly, one by one, they stood up and left Pop's. All of them met outside, by the garbage. Savannah was shocked when her Serpent friends arrived and met them there. Including, Sweet Pea.

Carefully, she rolled her window low enough so she could hear them, and high enough that they can't see her.

"Did you guys find anything? Anything new?" Jughead asked. The whole group glanced at each other. They didn't say a word.

Find what? What are they looking for?

Cheryl sighed in aggravation," Why are we looking for a single thing, when we litterly know her location! Savannah said she was in Cloudale, why can't we just go there?"

Oh. That's what they're finding, the last note.

"What if she needs to be away from us? The Devils are looking for them everywhere. For all we know, that last envelope has the answer to why she did what she did. Why she cut all contact and ties with all of us. We need to play it safe," Betty told the aggravated redhead.

Savannah watched Veronica's moves intently. She watched as Veronica shifted and then cleared her throat. "Don't do it," Savannah whispered.

"Guys. I actually —"

"Veronica, no. Come on," Savannah whispered to herself.

The whole group turned to Veronica as she had something to say in this situation. Since the Valentine's disappearance, she has had nothing to bring to the table.

"I know who has the last envelope."

Savannah shut her window and sighed, hitting her head at the back of the headrest. "Fuck."

          She watched as they all dragged Veronica to a private area, where no one would hear them talk about her location. Savannah dreaded and regretted giving hints about the situation. She told Sweet Pea about the plan of burning the house, yet he still believed she was gone for how long?

          She gave hints to her location in all the letters. Then, she stupidly gave the whole truth in an envelope to the person she thought no one would expect. Veronica Lodge. No one would think that her enemy would have one, right?


The door opened to reveal Logan with — a woman and a child. Savannah scrunched her brows together and then it hit her like a strong wind. She had recognized the woman from Logan's pictures, she was the pregnant wife. The child was her son. The woman and the child is Kate and her baby, Logan's family.

          Savannah inwardly scoffed and faced forward, glaring at her brother as her sat in the drivers' seat. It was unfair, how he could bring two people and she couldn't. Sure, it was his new family but she thought that she could've brought at least Cheryl along. Sweet Pea wouldn't have left the Serpents; even if it was for her.

          She began to remember their fights and felt the guilt seep back in. Lookin at her phone, there was a photo of them together at the Wyrm. She missed that loser, more than she imagined.

          "You has one the entire time? Not to mention, this litterly explains everything! We could've been reading this instead of guessing!" Toni screamed. Cheryl patted her back and then flared at Veronica with everyone else in the Blue and Gold room.

          "Why didn't you tell us? Did you think that Sav gone helped boost your reputation?" Cheryl seethed.

          Veronica flinched and looked at her friends who looked away. She then sighed. "I didn't look at it in the beginning. Savannah gave it to me and I just tossed it aside, but when you guys talked about another envelope I looked at it. That was yesterday," she explained.

          "Still, it doesn't fucking help now. Who knows if something changed with Savannah's situation. For all we know, she could be in another city," Sweet Pea mumbled.

          "No. I know the Valentine family long enough to know that they can keep a low profile for a long time. By now, they used a fake name and go to work and school. They're smart, and Logan knows what he's doing. They're still in Cloudsdale and will stay there," Jughead told the gang. Reggie nodded and then began to stomp on the tile ground in thought.

          The tile beneath his foot was shaking — like it had been removed and placed back down. It was odd to say the least because the room's floors were just redone. "Wait, Reggie pick up the tile," Archie told his friend.


          "Pick up the tile."

          Giving Archie a look, Reggie removed the tile and everyone gasped at the sight in front of them. There was another letter, not in an envelope — just the paper. There was a signature that screamed Savannah. And Reggie smirked when he read who it was addressed to. He picked it up and held it out to Sweet Pea.

          "It's for you, man."

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