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     CARL WALKED AROUND aimlessly, he found himself just needing a breath of fresh air. With everything happening in his life, he really needed this. He brought a notepad along, writing down forms of inspiration that popped into his head. It had actually proved itself to be useful, seeing as Carl was getting more ideas the more he walked.

     But of course, it couldn't just be a normal day. He passed the Meritech building which could only be described as a ruin at this point. Surrounding the building were onlookers, police, medical staff, and someone he recognized rather quickly. Eudora Patch. She stood talking to another police officer and Carl made the impulse decision of trying to get to her.

He couldn't blame the officer who held him back, which was his job. "Sorry sir, you have to stay behind the line." He managed to push Carl back behind the police tape, but Carl wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Eudora!" He cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled his friends name. It had caught her attention and she scanned the crowd to look for the person that called her name. She spotted Carl waving his arms and smiled slightly, she hadn't seen him in so long. She walked over to the officer and Carl.

"He's with me." She said, she pulled the police tape up, allowing Carl to crawl under it. He smiled gratefully at her as he slipped by the police officer which held him back in the first place. He passed an innocent grin at the man before Eudora could even notice. The police officer huffed and walked off.

     "What happened here?" Carl asked, looking at his surroundings. He looked at the destroyed building, it looked like there was a fire and he really did hope no one got hurt in the accident.

"There was a fire. Security footage burnt to a crisp. We're trying to find the source of the fire." She explained quickly. Carl nodded, he outstretched his hand to try to touch some of the rubble but Eudora quickly slapped his hand. He pulled his hand back, a little stunned.

"That could be evidence. Don't touch anything that you see." She instructed. Eudora have always had the special skill of making Carl feel inferior to her. Which is why Carl had always avoided hanging out with her alone, and would much rather have Amanda there with him.

Carl stayed silent, as he spotted a familiar looking van in the background. He excused himself from Eudora and headed to the van, Eudora followed him anyway. They stared at the van, on the windshield held scribbled words. It looked as if someone wrote these words in a hurry using their finger. The van looked familiar because Luther, Five, Klaus, and himself were once huddled inside of it.

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