i princess

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princess pov

"alright, princess time to eat", daddy picks me up from the couch and puts me on his hip.

i giggle as my tummy rumbles.

"wow, baby. you sure are hungry", i pout at his choice of words.
"my name's princess, daddy"
"i'm sorry. princess", he sets me in the high chair and i eat.
"so baby, what do you want to do today?", i huff.
"dada, my name is princess. otay!", i raise my voice getting frustrated.
"don't raise you fucking voice at me. baby!", he yells back.

i huff and throw my food across the room.

he pulls me out of my high chair, "go clean it up now, rowan!", i kick his shin and run to my room.

my name is princess! not rowan. i want daddy to call me princess forever. i want to change my legal name thingy to princess. daddy is being a stupid meanie head and calling me rowan and other stupid names.


daddy follows me into my room, "princess? what's wrong?"
"i princess"
"i understand babe but you real name is rowan", he kisses my cheek.
"well i wanna change it to princess", i cross my arms.
"we're not doing that, sorry princess", i huff and walk away.

i princess.

Ik this was hella short

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