{ pasta i can't pronounce

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fridays are my favorite days for multiple reasons. however none of the reasons are there's not homework, because spoiler alert high school doesn't care if elementary or middle school fridays = no homework, you're going to get a lot. but that doesn't trump the reasons fridays are my favorite...

1. all good things happen on a friday. like there's good in every day, but a lot of happy memories come on fridays
     fake formal
     maternity photo shoots
     playing with glitter hats

2. there's a vine for wednesdays, BUT there's a restaurant called friday's. food>vines

3. i found the pasta love of my life on a friday. i'm not even going to bother trying to type it's name because if i can't say it i can't spell it and i can't look it up. just know that i'm 100% in love with this pasta even though they gave me two BABY meatballs like i'm on a diet or something.

thank you rodarmels for letting me crash your house party and feeding me ALL. THE. TIME. and more importantly letting me have deep conversations in your basement while eating my new favorite pasta.

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