Close Combat Pt. 2 (Dagur X Reader)

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You couldn't stop thinking about Dagur that night. He'd kissed you; Dagur had actually kissed you. Sure it was just a peck on the cheek, but you knew it meant so much more. You could barely sleep that night; you were too excited to train more with Dagur the next day.

• • •

"Good! Just move your feet more, you don't wanna stand in one place too long," Dagur instructed as you sparred with him. The smile on his face never left, he felt so happy to be trusted in training the new recruit. And the fact that the new recruit was you only made him ten times happier.

And you were smiling just as much. However, soon after you began training, Hiccup returned on Toothless. He landed by the arena to check on your training.

"Wow, look at you, (Y/n)," Hiccup exclaimed as he walked into the arena, "you're a natural."

"Right? That's what I said!" Dagur agreed with a wide smile as he and you paused to talk to Hiccup. After sheathing his sword, Dagur clapped a hand on your shoulder, "yup, you won't need to do much work for this one." He peered down at you by his side, smiling almost dreamily.

You couldn't help but blush at the touch of his hand. Hiccup raised an eyebrow at the both of you. There was an obviously different vibe between the you and Dagur on this day. He had intended on taking over your training once he got back, but seeing the way Dagur looked at you, he decided to just let him train you.

"So, where's Astrid?" Dagur asked, looking around for the deadly nadder and her rider.

"She's gonna be staying in Berk until her mom's better, I don't blame her," Hiccup explain. Then, with a sly smirk, he went on, "well, I'll leave you to it, then."

You immediately knew what he was doing. You were both happy and embarrassed; was it that obvious that you wanted to be alone with Dagur for training? Hiccup shot you guys a wink before leaving with Toothless.

Dagur blushed slightly and removed his hand from your shoulder. Realizing you were alone again, he rubbed the back of his neck and adverted his eyes, "so, heh, what next?"

You grinned in amusement, "don't ask me; you're the teacher."

"Oh, right," Dagur frowned, mentally face palming at himself. "Uh, okay, so let's try this," he began. Then, your training commenced.

• • •

It was your first night patrol. Because it was you're first time, someone was going to be with you to show you how it was done. Snotlout immediately volunteered for this, considering he also had a crush on you. But Hiccup said that it should be Dagur, since the Berserker was the one who'd been training you for the past week.

So that's where you were now. After a quick soar around the island, you and Dagur saw that there were no incoming ships. The rest of the night, you would spend stationed at the clubhouse, taking hourly flights around the island.

It was well into the night when you felt yourself beginning to fall asleep in the club house. "Hey, keep those eyes open," Dagur teased when he saw you sitting on the edge of the platform sleepily.

You immediately woke yourself up and sighed, "I should've taken a nap eairlier."

Dagur shrugged and took a seat next to you, swinging his legs over the edge with yours, "eh, you'll get used to it." He put his hands down on either side of him. However, when his right hand landed directly on yours, he pulled it away with a nervous laugh, "oh, whoops."

You giggled lightly and took a leap of faith in saying, "i-it's okay..I didn't mind."

Hearing this made Dagur grin wide. So he took your hand gently into his own. You both watched the moonlit horizon for a few minutes in silence. "You know, I never understood the whole, finding-someone-and-settling-down, thing," Dagur admitted, brushing his thumb gracefully over the back of you hand. "But, I guess I never liked someone like this before."

You could've sworn your heart stopped for a moment. A shy smile spread across your lips. You saw Dagur look down at you from the corner if your eye. Meeting his forest green eyes, you blushed hard.

"(Y/n)," Dagur began to speak again, his voice soft and sweet, "I want to be more than just partners in combat with you."

You couldn't look away from him now. The cute bit of pink on his cheeks, the sincerity in his big eyes, the small smile on his lips. Before you knew what you were doing, you leaned forward and let your lips envelope his. The kiss was timid and gentle at first, evolving into something more emotional as time went by.

You weren't sure how long you sat there with Dagur, kissing on the edge of the clubhouse platform. All you knew was that it ended abruptly when someone cleared their throat behind you. Turning around, you saw astrid standing with crossed arms. "I wasn't gone that long," she exclaimed, "when did this happen?"

You and Dagur quickly stood, both blushing in embarrassment. Dagur was about to say something, but Astrid cut in, "actually, nevermind. Are you two supposed to be on patrol?"

After seeing you nod hesitantly, Astrid roller her eyes. "You didn't even notice me arrive. What if I was a hunter?" Astrid proceeded to lecture the two on why they need to take this seriously and stay on task.

Dagur nudged you with his elbow. You looked up to see him shoot you a mischievous smile. You took his hand and continued to listen to Astrid. However, her words seemed to fade as you were lost in your happiness and bliss.

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