I didn’t dream that night, and by dream I didn’t go visit anyone or them come and visit me. It was just a deep, rejuvenating sleep which I needed. I didn’t like to admit it but sleep was one of my vital loves. Without it I would die slowly from the inside out. When I woke it felt like I was slightly younger possibly from a different era and definitely not in this place. But as they did before the morning bells brought me back to the harsh reality that I was here for good until Exersest came to rescue me or I brew the balls and came up with the plan to escape.

I got up and reached next to my bed for the small book which was given to me when I advanced to the next level of training. I opened the torn pages to a random page and began to read.

You are not alone you realise? You’ll always have someone with you. When you’re in the dark and in trouble look inside yourself. You love me right? That means I’ll always be a part of your heart, hence a part of you-Emma Willows.

He had written down one of the things I most frequently told him in the past. I told it to him at least once a week to cheer him up and get him out of one of his famous mood swings. I flicked through the book further and saw sketches and more quotes and most importantly his main story, the main adventure he had been on. I tucked it into the waist of my suit and walked of the quarters before anyone else woke up.

It was early, at least 5am judging by the sun only just rising. That was one thing I loved about Australia, no matter what situation you got yourself in or the country got itself in you could be sure that 5am every day in the Summer the sun would rise at that specific time, give or take a minute. Light shined in through the Cafeteria’s windows illuminating the furniture. I was the only one awake and ready to eat from what I could see but sure enough so was Evan as he slowly meandered his way towards me. It had been tough on us the last couple of days but I hoped his affections for me had disappeared but the look in his eyes every time he saw me said otherwise. He sat down next to me on the bench I was occupying and smiled warmly at me.

“When we’ve finished eating would you like to come and shower with me? The shower block near my quarters is rarely used,” he asked. I blushed tomato red by the question but bit my cheek to keep it under control. I don’t know what I was worried about considering this place was a communal facility. People saw me naked every day and disregarded it, but they never looked at me the way Evan did.

When Evan looked at you it was like the world stopped. Since I had first met him I had grown accustomed to the look but something about the way he looked at me today was different. His green eyes were fully dilated and focused solely on me. They didn’t waver in their focus, nor did my blushing deter him from staring at me.

“I guess that would be okay,” I answered, half chewing a spoonful of gruel. Evan got up as I finished my gruel and helped me up by taking my hand. He led me down a long hall which connected his area to the Cafeteria. The hall seemed to go on forever, just when I thought we were gaining some ground we turned another corner and the hall continued. I was starting to wonder how much land this facility took up and how long this specific hall went on when we reached the end and it spanned off into two directions and in the centre was the entrance to the showers. Walking in I saw it was vastly different to the communal showers I was used to.

They looked like the types of bathrooms that royalty might have used. It was the standard white but every valve had gold embedded into it. There were gold panels on the walls and the room actually had sky lights instead of bland lights. I was slightly nervous to step into the bathroom in case I broke something or my presence dirtied something. Evan later explained that since there were special cases that stayed behind in the facilities, they got special perks for having to stay behind, like this first class bathroom as an example. There were other perks but Evan never got around to telling me them, I was too immersed in the beauty of the tiles how they shimmered in the light. Evan just stood there observing my fascination with the simplicity of something like a bathroom.