When you sleep together

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-so you guys hug when you sleep

-he holds you real close and tight

-he snores 😌

-you like to play with his hair

-the blanket is never too high

-he's kind of a blanket hog

-it's okay tho bc you guys spoon, and y'all alternate who's the bigger one :)

-he doesn't snore but he murmurs in his sleep uwu

-he'll play with your hair if you fall asleep first

-kisses 😭💞

-he sleeps on top of you

-he sleeps with his mouth slightly open 😊

-he's a crazy sleeper tho

-sometimes he kicks but not hard enough to wake you

-he talks in his sleep and it's so cute and funny

-you sleep on his chest (usually he's playing some sort of video game and you sleep on him)

-he acts like he hates it but per usual, he loves it

-so much so that he likes to take pictures of you while your sleeping

-he strokes your hair and gives you forehead kisses

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