Heat [Doflamingo x Reader] (+18)

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Okay, I'm gonna be blunt: this is a smut/lemon/nsfw (however you wanna call it), meaning it contains explicit depictions of sex.

!!!!! If you're underage or of sensitive nature, I do not condone you reading this. You've been warned; I won't take any responsibility for any problem derived from reading this story.

Now that that's out of the way, I hope you guys enjoy it! I had no idea what I was doing since this is the first time I write anything of this nature, but I wanted to give it a go. Also, I now the "heat" thing is very cliché, but I felt inspired and I tried to make it somewhat original so, please, tell me what you think!


A bead of sweat rolled down the side of your forehead, and you tilted your head to dry it on your shirt.

You had dismissed the situation the first five times, attributing it all to the warm temperatures of Dressrosa and to the heavy box you were carrying, but when you had to repeat the action yet again, you left the wood crate on the floor and huffed, resting your hands on your hips.

You had heard rumors, and had been hoping you wouldn't have to deal with it yourself, but it was easy putting two and two together.

You held the need to curse out loud. You were in heat.

It had seemed ridiculous at first, the thought of a Zoan user being pron to go through heat once a year, but your body temperature had risen noticeably in the last couple of days, you had had problems controlling your powers, and your senses had become sharper... for the wrong reasons. Like being much too aware of Doflamingo's open shirt or how the way he licked his lips sent shivers down your spine.

You closed your eyes and breathed in through your nose. A week of that would be hell.

Sighing audibly, you squatted down to pick up the box, the action making your underwear stretch against your skin ever so slightly and eliciting a mixture of a whine and a mewl that you were barely able to hide by biting down on your bottom lip.

You straightened back up in a swift move, discreetly looking around to see if anyone had noticed as your cheeks dusted with pink. To your relief, nobody seemed to have heard you, or that was what you thought until you met Doflamingo's stare a second later and your heart skipped a beat.

He was sat in a chair under one of the big parasols nearby with his head tilted to the side and an eyebrow slightly raised.

To say your skin flushed bright red was an understatement. You tightened your grip on the crate and hurried back inside the mansion, using the wooden object to shield yourself from the blond's curious stare... and anyone's for the matter. You just wanted to leave that box wherever and lock yourself in your bedroom.


Taking a shower was the best solution you had come up with, but even the cold needles that wetted your skin weren't enough to calm the fire that coursed through your veins.

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