NCT As Weird Shit I Hear At School

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Thanks to KwonJiThong I can use this idea she came up with. Go check out her books they're pretty good in my opinion. So basically this is just all the dumb shit

Ten: "Suck my dick, my pussy, my crack, everything black, smack smack."

Taeil: "You look like diseased monkey poop."

Renjun: "According to my IQ of 9 billion you have homosexual."

Taeyong: "BEAN WATER."

Jisung: "Is Bruno Mars does gay?"

Mark: "Karen took the kids."

Johnny: "Momo is secretly thick as fuck."

Hendery: "My cooch itch."

Haechan: "(Name), that looked like your botched, deflated butt cheek."

Lucas: "*furiously imitating James Charles in that video when he said he would become Tyga's backup singer*"


Jaehyun: "Yo add me on XBOX at pastaplayer322."

Doyoung: "Yo, all these teachers can go suck my long ass dick."

Xiaojun: "Do you even despacito?"

Jungwoo: "Do boys always get that morning wood thing?"

Kun: "Hey, (Name) she doesn't know who Sonic the Hedgehog is!"

WinWin: "I thought cardiac arrest meant you're getting arrested.."

Jaemin: "Why do people always say Asian people are strictly Chinese, they could be India if they want."

Yuta: "My pee-pee hurts and I'm proud."

YangYang: "You're mentally and physically retarded."

Jeno: "Aye baby, you wanna sniff the flowers with me late at night?"

IM NOT PLAYING ALL OF THESE WERE SAID AT MY SCHOOL, SOME OF THEM WERE SAID BY THE SAME PERSON, those kids are funny af but damn they say some dumb shiz sometimes

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