Valentine's Day Part 3

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Midoriya's POV
Shoto holds me to his chest, buring his head in my back. I hear someone with loud footsteps come in the classroom. Shoto hugs me tighter, I'm guessing it is Kacchan. I then hear Kiri come up and say, "Bakugo, can we talk outside?" They walk out of the classroom and stop and the other side of the door. I can't hear their conversation anymore.

Kirishima POV
"Bakugo, can we talk outside?" I asked him as he came in. I have been needing to talk to him all day, just haven't had the courage. He nods and I get up hiding a small box behind my back. We walk out the classroom and stop right outside the door. "What?" He asks me an annoyed tone in his voice. "W-well, since its V-valentine's Day I w-wanted to tell you..." I couldn't get it out. I went 'Uhm' and 'Hum'. "What?!" He said snapping me out of my murdering. "I-I just wanted to tell you that I really like you!!" I yelled out, it being the only way to say it. His face turned bright red, flustered. "A-are you m-messing with m-me?" He asked. He studdered! What! "No! I would never!" "I just have to say I like you too, but I liked someone else." "Liked?" "Ya." "I don't care. Nothing could make these feelings go away." I smile super big and hand him the box that was still behind my back. "Here. Open it." He opened it. "Try one." I said as he looked up. He popped one of the homemade chocolates and a smile spread across his face. "It's spicy." He said. "I made them that way." "You made these?" I nodded. "So, will you be my Valentine?" "Of course."
I smiled, he smiled and as we went to walk back in the classroom he slipped his hand in mine and kissed my cheek, making me all flustered.

Bakugo POV
Kiri and I start walking back and I hold his hand then kissed his cheek. His face turned as red as his hair. I let out a chuckle and we walked into the classroom, still holding hands. As we walk in we get some looks from his friends. Then he smiles and lifts our hands, there are cheers from everyone. I'm guessing he talked to his friends about his feelings. This made me chuckle again.

Midoriya's POV
As they walk back in there were cheers from everyone. Shoto looks up and loosens his grip on my waist the slightest bit. I turn the side of the desk and finally ask, "Tsu, why did you want us to come here?" "Well Uraraka and I wanted to tell everyone something and we planned a picnic for Valentine's Day." Cheers erupted from the class causing me to put my hands on my ears. I felt Shoto stand up as this was happening. What is he doing? I thought as the cheers died down and I put down my hands. "Lets go everyone." I hear Uraraka say as she picks me up. "What are you doing!?!" I yell as I squirm out of her arms falling on the floor. Oww I though trying not to show I was hurting. "Well Todoroki asked me to bring you there." She said as she helped me up. "Okay. But I can walk on my own, after I find my guide stick." The last part I said quietly. "He said to carry you." She said. "R-really?" "Yup." She said as she put me on her back.

Uraraka POV
Todoroki didn't ask me to pick him up. Hehehe.

Time Skip-They got to the park where the picnic was set up.

Todoroki's POV
My nerves on making me freak out. I'm gonna ask Izuku something that could completely ruin our friendship. I see them coming, and Izuku is on Uraraka's back? What is she doing? Nevermind about that. I look down at the small box in my hand.

Midoriya's POV
As we get to the picnic Uraraka sets me down and tells me to sit. I sit down to find a soft, comfortable blanket under me. I can hear everyone else sit down in a circle and I'm gessing food in the middle. "Everyone Tsu and I have something to say. We're dating." Uraraka says as cheers arise from everyone. Lots of 'Congrats' 'So cute's 'Of course, totally saw that coming's. I feel intense heat behind me. Shoto must be scared or nervous, but why? I felt as the heat rose. He grabs my hands and pulls me up. Shoto pulls me close, his hands around my hips my hands on his chest. "Will, will you be my boyfriend?" He asks. I feel my face heat up and I try to cover it but he pulled my hands away. After what felt like forever I nod my head yes. Then I feel his lips on mine. I melt into the kiss, his hands going back on my hips pulling me closer until there was no more space between us.

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