Twenty-One: Resolution

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Helena nodded her head at Mal, signaling to the dragon at she was ready. Mal roared in Uma's direction before swooping in, letting out a stream of fire on Uma's left while Helena let out a stream of fire on Uma's right.

Uma screamed before diving underneath  the water to cool herself. She sent a massive wave towards the ship, which rocked backwards as the water flew everywhere. Helena reached out to grab the railing as many others tried to keep their balance, Hector was groaning as he tried to the boat from falling over.

Mal circled back, Uma managing to hit her with one of tentacles. The dragon screeched in pain as it lost its focus, dropping down before flying back up.

Uma laughed at the sight of the yacht's state. The people tried to stay upright as the waves began to get more turbulent, the yacht rocking from side to side. The sea witch was mad with power, losing control over her abilities as she watched the effect it seemed to have on all those on the ship. She thought about the Olympians , her mother, Mal, and anyone that ever crossed her or turned her back on her. All the anger, confusion, and other emotions that she was forced of hold inside to survive on the Isle were finally coming loose. And this was her one chance at getting all those emotions out and get  justice for all the people of the Isle. After this, the world would surely remember her name.

"HECTOR!" Jane yelled, seeing the boy struggling to hold on. She knew that whenever the demigod struggled, he lost confidence in himself and tended to give up on things. And that was the last thing they all needed to happen, so she had to make sure that he didn't give up this time.

"Hector, it's going to be okay, alright! You can do this," Jane

"Jane, I can't.... I can't keep this up," Hector replied, his voice strained.

Hector wanted nothing more than to give up right now. He tired, physically, mentally and emotionally. His life was a never-ending whirlwind, to say the least. He had to deal with the gods, constantly having to act as middle man between gods and the Royal Council. And he was trying to do this while still going to school, keeping up his grades, playing on sports teams, and trying to keep his life in some type of order. But there was only so much he could take and he wanted all to stop. 

"Yes, you can, Hector," Jane refuted strongly. "You are strong, brave, and so incredibly selfless. And right now, we need you. We all believe in you and now it's time for you to believe in yourself."

Jane's words replayed in Hector's head as he tried to figure out what to do next. The shadows of his family members followed him everywhere and he couldn't get rid of it, no matter what he tried to do. Whenever he tried to run, he was always pulled back because of the responsibility. And whenever he tried to stand up for himself, he was silenced because he would never understand the situation. As a result, Hector often felt like he was never good enough and shrunk back into the shadows around him to avoid confrontation. His self-esteem and confidence in his own abilities was low due the him feeling he could never emulate his family's great legacy. But right now, it was all up to him. He was the only one that could save them and there was no way he was going to give up this time. 

Hector then roared out, the thunderclouds above raging with lightning. A lightning bolt struck the grandson of Zeus, those around him moving away to avoid being hit. More lightning hit Hector, which traveled through the demigod and down to the vines. He held onto one vine to keep the boat steady and lifted the other high in the air, creating a makeshift electric whip.  He then swung the whip toward Uma, the vine wrapping around her and shocking the sea witch.

Uma screamed loudly, trying to resist the pain and free herself. She tried to free herself but found unable to move her body, her tentacles spewing everywhere as a result. But as the daughter of Ursula was so focused on escaping, she unintentionally formed a massive wave behind her from her emotions. Everyone fell silent and no one dared to move, their eyes focused on the wave that was growing before their eyes.

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