Chapter 3: A Little Bit of History

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When I first fell in the trash, I was scared and alone. I cried for what I thought was the longest time. Little did I know I had fallen in my future best friend's backyard.

I landed right in her backyard, scared and confused but within seconds of me falling from the sky, Viol came out on the back porch, with a rolling pin in her hand.

"Who are you?" She asked threateningly, her rolling pin raised at the ready.

My cries ceased, but I could hardly breathe.

"Well?" She demanded.

"I think I'm Eim," I said, quietly gulping down my tears.

"You think?" She said, sounding even more pissed.

I flinched at the line and looked back up to the sky. I silently pleaded for the Creator to take me back.

"Wait," She said, bring her rolling pin down. She pinched the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes. "Did you come from up there?"

"I think so- maybe- I don't know." I stuttered, tears brimming my eyes.

A new voice came from inside the house.

"Vi, I think I may or may have not broken your stove...." Jolton came out of the house, the fly net snapping shut behind him. "Who's she?"

"Newbie." Viol mumbled.

"Oh, really?" Jolton ran to my side. I backed up, my legs shaking as I stumbled back until I hit the hedge.

"Hey, hey, it's okay." He said in a smooth voice.

My breathing didn't slow down.

"Hey, my name's Jolton, um..." He struggled for words. "What do I even say? Viol, a little help here?" He said, turning his head to her. She shrugged her shoulders and huffed keeping her spot on the porch.

"Let's go inside and get you a warm cup of cocoa, okay?" Jolton said, offering me his hand. I took it.

My life evolved from there. I've gotten past Viol's hard exterior and met her soft side. They taught me everything there was to know about our world until I wasn't scared anymore, because nothing ever changes here. Until now, I guess.

My mood lifts a little bit when I see my house. It's old, but it's what I call home. It's a two floor house. Nothing fancy. It was completely abandoned when I first found it but luckily I was able to fix it up a bit. It's a lovely place; no city noises, only birds chirping.

It's around sunset. Beautiful explosions of colors hang in the air. The pinks and reds blend into oranges, and the sun burns as bright as ever. Small stripes of clouds lay in the sky like paint on Jolton's wall. I check my watch. Four hours until the Freeze. I have time to kill, and with that thought I jump off my porch.

I let gravity take me for some time, feeling the wind rush past my body, my heart racing. The water gets closer and closer. Just before my fingers can touch the water below me, I stretch out my wings and pull up. I flap my wings with all my might, going up and up and up until I'm just as high as the clouds. I take a long deep breath in and continue my journey. This is my time to forget about the everything and fly.

Now that I'm already in the air, I decide to take a little trip around the lake. I dive back down from the clouds, the cool evening air ripping through my wings. I pull up at the last possible second again, misting my face with water spraying upwards thanks to my wind.

I fly low, even letting my dangling feet dip into the water once in awhile. I lose myself in my thoughts. Some are about Viol, some are about Perky, and some are about Jolton. Before I know it I'm back home again.

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