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Chapter 10

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Kyrei's POV

"We never finished our game ya know..."

"Whose turn was it?"

"Yours love."


I laughed while Rex jumped around doing what I hoped was his happy dance. I wasn't going to pressure the one I love into telling me about his scars, he'd tell me sooner or later though, just on his own. Right now I was just hoping he wouldn't ask me anything serious. I was still trying to get used to reality and not drinking...him diving into my past wouldn't help me at all. When I looked at his face he seemed to be in deep thought with thinking of his question for me. Right before I was about to ask him if he wanted me to go for him he shouted one out.

"Have you always been gay?!"


"How long have you been gay then?!"

I chuckled, "One question per person love. Judging from the Lady Gaga posters in your room, I take it you like her?"

"Yes! I love her music!"

I watched him bounce around naming as many Lady Gaga songs he could think of with a smile on my face. I could never stop loving him, let alone stop thinking about him. He was in every way perfect to me, and like Sxyn's nickname for him, he was sexy and all mine. I'd never get over that, and I knew I would never love anyone as much as I did him. He wasn't like anyone else I'd ever met before, he was allot better. To top it off I've never wanted to constently want to kiss someone as bad as I wanted to kiss him.

"Hey babe?"

He paused for a second, "Yea?"

I pulled a red plastic rose from behind my back and handed it to him waiting for a reaction. Which happened to be the one I wanted, a mix of sadness and happiness. From his eyes I could tell he was thinking I must not love him enough to get him a real rose. He didn't understand what I was doing though, I had to try to be as perfect as I could be just for him. The rose was only the start, but I couldn't keep him confused forever.

"Do you know why I got you a plastic one instead of a real one?"

"Not really..."

"Because like my love for you, a plastic rose never dies..."


I opened my arms as Rex jumped on me and hugged me. First the ring, now the rose, hopefully I could think of a few other things. I wanted him to be happy and to feel safe with me. With everything I had ever done, and for him to know about it, I didn't know if he would even be able to feel safe. My life had always been complicated, but he was willing to be tied up in it. He was the best thing that could happen to me after my life of hell. I felt like he was my personal angel, only mine.

"My turn to ask a question right?" He asked while playing with his rose.


"What happened in your past..."

I froze at his question. This is what I was hoping to avoid at least for a while. There wasn't really anything good about it besides some of the people I met, like Jorydan and my other roommates. I wasn't really sure if I was ready to have Rex no everything yet, so I'd settle with most of it. He'd find out the rest as the days went on. I didn't want to hide anything from him, there was just a few things I thought we scare him.

"Well...I wasn't born in the United States..."

"Then where were you born?"

"Australia...mate," I joked.

"Wasn't Jorydan born there also?"

"Yea he was, but from a different part. I moved to Britian when I was four...and a few other places before the United States. I think I was eight when I came here, but I lived in allot of other states before I settled down here."

"Well, what about your parents? Were you a only child?"

"Parents...hated me...I had a older brother...he hated me also. Then I had two baby twin sisters."

"What about your sisters?"

"They got caught in some machinery when I was trying to get food for us...they couldn't even talk yet..."

"Sokka I'm so sorry..."

"Don't be babe..."

"Is there anything else?"

"I've been expelled more then once...allot more then once actually."


"Jorydan died, Aislee died, Mercy died, My sisters, my parents, my brother....now Mikey..."

"There all dead?"

"Yea but I'm old enough to live on my own."

"Is that it?"

"Last night, when you took my shirt off, did you notice my back?"

He blushed, "Um...I was kind of busy at the time..."

I pulled him off my lap and stood up in front of him. I never let anyone see my back, I wasn't even ready to let him see it. I'd let him see the water proof thing I covered it with though. I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it on the ground before I turned around. I heard Rex gasp behind me and there wasn't a smile on my face anymore. I winced when I felt Rex touch it and turned back to grab his hand away.


"Why do you have it covered like that...and why don't you want me to touch it?"

"I have just about the same amount of scars you have on your wrist on my back. My life was always filled with...trouble you could say. I always had to fight someone for something...and even though I've never lost a fight it doesn't mean I don't get hurt."

"Why don't you want me to touch it though?"

"Because none of the scars tells a good story babe...I just freak when people touch my back..."

"I'm sorry..."

"Don't be."

"Well why did you drink and sleep around?"

"Because I got sick of people always leaving there marks on me and it just became to much to handle so I started doing that. I used to be forced into sleeping with people, but when I started drinking I always did it willingly...more then once a day actually..."

I was expecting Rex to try to say sorry again, but instead he just hugged me. I gave him the light version of the hell called my life, I didn't need him crying all over again, especially if I caused it. Seeing him sad always made me feel like crap and I always ended up blaming myself for it. Being in love was a damn challenge...but I'd do anything for Rex. Saying he was my world was a understatement, he meant more to me then anything, including my life.

"I love you Sokka..."

"I love you to Rex...more then you can imagine."

"Then how much do you love me?"

"More then anything in the universe, and I wish there was a word with a deeper meaning then love...you have my heart already babe, and I never want it back..."

"I'll take good care of it love..."

I leaned down and kissed Rex lightly on the lips. I'd tell him about the people trying to kill me another time, for now I just wanted to be happy with him and forget about everything else. I didn't care about the fire that killed my parents or the gun that shot my brother dead in this moment...my past was called the past for a reason, now all I had to do was keep the guy I'm deeply in love with. If he ever left me, I know It would be worse then any other pain I'd had to feel. So now It was my job to make him happy. If he did want to leave me, I'd suffer through it, only for him.


Love you babe<3 and thanks to the people bothering to read this sappy love story lol -MrHappyFace/Kyrei

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