Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

(I'm sorry! I had to change the reader to a girl cause a girls night)

The girl with the cane nodded her head, "Thanks to Margaretha." She smiled at the dancer once more. They all sat down and started to eat before Martha rung a bell, "Excuse me, if you didn't know we have a new survivor named y/n." Martha said after everyone quiet downed. "She has the same case Aesop." Eli added in, "Don't worry y/n don't need to be shy around me!" The gardener shouted full of energy. After that they all introduced their self, Kreacher Pierson the two different colored eyes, Kurt Frank the one with the book, Emma the one who's energy is like a kid's, Tracy Reznik the one with the robot, Vera the one with perfume all the time, Kevin the cowboy, Freddy mr neat guy, Helena the blind one, Margaretha the dancer, Fiona the very showing body dress, Servias the magician and Liam the normal looking boy (poor lucky guy) you made those names up describing them. "The game rules now!" They all explained what to do if the hunter finds you and more rules... After dinner you helped Martha and Emily clean the kitchen, "Unbelievable. The boys make you clean?" You said in disgust, Emily and Martha giggled "Well yes and no, Eli helps most of the time but he ran off toward his room." Emily said smiling up at her but then going back to clean the dishes. "Today's Friday? So on weekdays no games?" You questioned looking at Martha and Emily. "Correct!" Emma said coming out of no where, which startled you, "Monday will be your first match! But don't be scared! Me, Eli and Aesop is on your team!" Emma shouted hugging you, you were uncomfortable but didn't show it. "How about girls night at my room?" Vera said smiling you at you 4, "Heck yeah girls night!" Emma said jumping up and down, Martha and Emily agreed and so did you cause why not? "I'll tell the other girls!" Vera said happily quickly leaving the kitchen. At 8:00 pm all the girls gathered in Vera's room with pillows, blankets and pajamas, "Finally! Time alone with us girls and no boys!" Martha leaned back relieved. "Martha! When will you and Naib be a thing?" Tracy said looking at her controller pushing and moving button's, "Yeah! When?" Emma said going up to Martha, Martha blushed, "H-He doesn't like me!" "Sure he does!" You said reassuring her but you just got here, how would you know? "I really do think he's fond of you." Helena said smiling at Martha, "M-Maybe when he asks me.." Martha muttered, you all giggled and smiled at her. "Has anyone noticed that Aesop was with y/n? I thought he didn't like living people." Margaretha said, "Eli said Emily bribed him by food?" You said giggling. "Maybe..." Emily said looking away guilty. After talking and talking at 12:00 am you all decided to visit each boys room too at least do something like prank em or check up on them.


Martha - Naib
Margaretha - Freddy
Vera - Kreacher (rip)
Helena - William
Y/n - Eli & Aesop
Emma - Liam (Lucky Guy)
Emily - Kevin
Tracy - Kurt
Fiona - Servais

There were 8 girls and 10 boys so you offered to get two boys, you went to Aesop's room first, you opened the door looking around his room then looking at him, he had his mask off and layed on the bed with no blanket on so you put the blanket on his body and adjusted his pillow before kissing his forehead. (you had lots of younger siblings so it was normal to you) His face turned red, "H-Hey? Carl? Are you okay?" You whispered but didn't get a response cause duh he's asleep, I think... After you closed Aesop's door you went to Eli's. You opened the door to see him not in there but his owl spreading his wings out on the bed, you petted the owl before looking around, 'where could he be at this hour? It's 1:00' you suddenly heard a door close behind you, "U-UHM! I UH, UHM.... Uhm.... I- uh..." You stuttered facing Eli who just walked in. He smiled at you before chuckling, "May I ask why you are in my room?" "Uhm, just checking up on the boys?" You awkwardly said. "How kind." He went to sit on his bed. "I- uh! G-Goodnight!" You we quickly sped walked to the door, "Awh? Do I not get a kiss on the forehead like Aesop?" He "pouted". You sighed quickly pecked his forehead and left his room while closing the door you saw Vera coming out of Kreacher's room. "Wooooah! Your face is red, something steamy happened?" She said smirking "Wha- no!" You quickly semi shouted. You quickly ran to Vera's room and shoved your face into your pillow. "Soooo what happened?" Tracy said looking over at you. "I kissed Eli and Aesop's forehead and now that I think about it it's weird. It wasn't weird for me cause I used to do it to my siblings." You said but some words getting muffled by the pillow, "Yikes. Good thing they were asleep, right?" She said looking at the controller. "Not Eli." You face turned to a shade of dark red, soon after the girls came back. It was 2:00 so you all decided to go to sleep but you couldn't, all that embarrassment made you stay up all night.

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