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I answered


Hyerim:what is it mom?

Mom:hyerim!hows the vacation their?

Hyerim:well...it was nice to be back here

Mom:good!i keep calling your brother but he wasnt answering my calls

Hyerim:oh..im just going to tell him later

Mom:anyways congrats on your upcoming wedding soon!

Hyerim:thank you mom!did Jungkook told you?


Hyerim:that bunny!

Mom:oh well i just wanting to know if your alright...hope you guys have a safety trip going back here in korea

Hyerim:oh okay mom i got to go now bye!


(End of conversation)

"Who called you?"i turned to that person it was jimin"oh it was mom."i said"what did she said?"jimin said and he sit"she just congrats me..cuz you know.."i said and pointed at my ring
"Ohhh..yea!Mom keeps calling me i dont know whats wrong with mom"
Jimin said"yea!mom told me that you aren't answering her calls"i said

Until someone ring the doorbell

"I got it!"i shout and i went infront of the door it was a delivery guy"two pepperoni pizza's"the delivery guy said i took it and give the money to him
"Thank you!have a nice day!"the delivery guy said"you too!"i said and close the door

And i went to the kitchen and put down the pizza's on the table until i heard footsteps behind me and i look who it was it was jin

"Oh jin oppa!"i said and he laugh i look at him confused"whats wrong?why are you laughing?"i said"look at your face a couple of minutes ago!its so funny!"jin said

"Uhm okay?"i said until my phone ring again"let me get this up"i said and he nodded so i went to the living room
And i answered the call



???:hyerim this is jaehyun!remember?

Hyerim:oh jaehyun-ah!what's up?

Jaehyun:nothing much!

Hyerim:how did you even get my number?

Jaehyun:you know i have ways on doing that..

Hyerim:proud huh?

Jaehyun:no!anyways the girls are missing you so badly

Hyerim:i miss them to!

Jaehyun:anyways i have to go now

Hyerim:okay bye nice talking to you again

Jaehyun:you too!bye

(End of conversation)

And i went back to the kitchen

"Who called you?"jin said"oh its was jaehyun.."i said "oh the guy who likes you"jin said and i look at him confused
"What do u mean oppa?"i said

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