Chapter 2 - Admitting.

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Jonghyun's P.O.V)

My eyes only glanced at Taemin as he walked by. 

His hair wrapped in a towel, and just pajama pants on.

My heart throbbed as he  turned around, and sat next to me.

Why does he do this to me?

"Jjongie. Do you think we could sneak out tonight?" Taemin asked innocently, his eyes burning holes in my skin. But I refuse to look at him.

"Why? You just took a shower. And plus it'll be trouble." I replied. staring at my computer screen blankly.

I saw him pout his lips in the corner of my eye. "You did it last month to see some stupid girl. So why won't you sneak out with me?"

....Was that a jealousy statement?

"Shut up. And so. You're too young to sneak out." I retorted, now looking at him.

His pout turned into a straight line, slowly turning into a frown. "Why Jonghyun? I'm 20! I think I'm old enough to sneak out! Why are you so protective?!"

Shock filled me. 

Why is he getting so mad?

"I'm tired of being a little kid to you all! I wanna grow up! I can't do anything!" Taemin continued, his voice growing higher and higher.

"Taemin!" I stopped him.

He panted sitting down and putting his head in his hands.

"Come on." I said getting up and getting my car keys.

"Come on where?"

"We're sneaking out." I said looking at him.

"REALLY JJONGIE?! OH MAI GAWSH. YAYYYY!!!!" Taemin said smiling, his face immediately lighting up.

"And you wonder why we treat you like a kid......" 

"Yah!" He said walking torwards the door.

"Your going shirtless and in your pajama pants?"

His face turned red. "Oh! Oops! You can go ahead in the car. I'll meet you in there!"

I nodded walking out the door, down the steps and looked in the driveway. Our manager's convertible laying there. I blinked and went back inside, and grabbed the keys to the convertible and went back outside. Manager-nim wouldn't mind. I hope.

*Ten minutes later*

Taemin came out the door, his hair going everyway, but still looked good. He had on a plain white t-shirt, he had some stud earrings in, and had a touch of eyeliner on. And of course he wore his leather pants, and a pair of Adidas.

Or in other words. He's trying to get raped.

"Taemin get a hoodie!"

Taemin nodded running in for a millisecond then running out, pulling a hoodie over his messy hair, I pulled on my hoodie and put on my sunglasses.

I backed out of the driveway, slightly bumping into the mailbox, then driving away. 

I turned on the radio to hear a f(x) song. Taemin began singing along as soon as he heard the first beat.

I shook my head and continued to drive. 

Something struck me. This could be the moment I could tell him. But. I don't think I should.

I drove slowly as I pulled into the lot. lights illuminated the parking lot. My heart pounded in my chest as Taemin looked at me. "Where are we?"

"This is where I always go to think...." 

Taemin smiled. "Well come on then."

He took my hand and dragged me out the convertible door.

He sat down on the bench and pulled me down with him. "What's on your mind, jjongie?"

My heart pounded. 

Tell him. Just tell him now.You're alone. Tell him now!

"There's a lot on my mind .."

Taemin looked at me. "Go on."


"Why not?"

"Its grown stu---" I stopped myself, seeing Taemin's frown slowly develop. I hate it when he's sad. It just bugs me.

"Pllleeeaassee?" He begged, a serious expression on his face.

"Do you really wanna know?"


"Okay.... well.... It's been a while since I started having these feelings. And frankly, they haven't left..."

Taemin stared at me intensely. His eyes not leaving me.

"I'm in love with.......Key!"

No! I'm such an idiot!

 Taemin's eyes went wide.

"Jonghyun!!! Really?!"

My heart pounded. "No! I mean yes!"

Taemin stared at me, his mouth hanging in an 'O' shape.

"Which one then?!"

"Yes! Yes! I'm in love with him!!" I lied

Taemin just sat there. "Have you guys been dating behind out backs?"

"Er, yeah." Sorry Key.

Taemin was silent all the way home.

"Your not mad.... are you?"

"No. Just a bit shocked."

"I'm sorry..." I'm glad I didn't tell him the truth. He woulda flipped.


*Taemin's P.O.V*

"Hey Key. You still awake?" I whispered shaking him gently.

"Yeh. I am now anyways." He said groggily. Sitting up, sunlight hitting his face.

"I have to ask you something.."

He scratched his messy haired head and nodded. "What?"

"Have you and Jonghyun been dating behind our back?"

Key's eyes widened a bit. "No. Why would you think that?"

"Well. Jonghyun said he was in love with you last night. And I was wondering if you two were dating?"

Key's eyes went wide. "Jonghyunnie said that?!"

He got up out of his bed and ran to the kitchen.

*Jonghyun's p.o.v*

Key came running out the door to jonghyun.

"Jonghyun!? I can't believe you have the same feelings torwards me as I do you! But why did you tell it to Taemin first?!"

My heart dropped.

Taemin you idiot.

*A/N* Annyeonghaseyo everyone! Hope you enjoyed this drama packed chapter! >:D There will be more ;D

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