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"Shawn, I'm not sure you're ready to get another piercing other than the one in your ear lobe." Justin said in an exasperated voice, trying not to send Shawn to a corner for getting on his nerves.

Shawn was begging Justin to get his cartilage pierced all week and Justin had told him the same thing over and over. He didn't think that was ready and Shawn would go on a mild rant about how he was almost an adult and such and such which lead Justin to threaten him with a spanking to cut it out.

"Justin, you've been saying that a lot. I think I am ready." Shawn whined slightly, sitting back on the couch annoyed with Justin's constant need to deny him of things. "I don't think you are, and I'm the big brother so my vote overrules yours." Justin smirked and pecked Shawn on the cheek when he had his eye brows scrunched up in a frustrated expression. Shawn grunted in frustration and placed his legs up on the table in disobedience. Justin noticed the action and raised his hand over Shawn's thighs.

"Do you want it?"

Justin asked referring to the smack he's about to give Shawn if he doesn't put his feet down. He looked at Justin with a glare and quickly put his feet back on the ground, arms crossed with a defiant pout. Shawn knew he was too old to be behaving like that but he couldn't help himself. Shawn sighed and laid his head on Justin's lap, his hair falling all over his face and he blew it which didn't help much. Justin looked down at his baby brother and smiled, rubbing his back gently. Justin and Shawn sat there and watched the TV for awhile until Justin was noticing it was getting close to dinner time.

"Do you want Mexican or Chinese for dinner?" Justin asked as he picked up his phone and googled some places that did carry out. Shawn didn't say anything but grumbled to himself in irritation. "Hmm? Which one?" Justin poked his side, making him giggle slightly but he quickly remembered he was upset so he chose not to laugh.

"I want my cartilage pierced, that's what I want." He grumbled, still on Justin's lap. "So Italian? You seem like you want your favorite; spaghetti and meat balls." Justin quickly changed the subject, not wanting to have to hear about his brother's piercing issue. "Justin, I'm going to be twenty in August! Why can't I get it pierced?" Shawn started complaining about it again and Justin pretended as if he didn't hear what Shawn said.

"Should I get Lasanga or Alfredo? Hmm.." Justin thought to himself as he was placing the order on his phone. Shawn glared at him and squirmed in his lap, burying his face in his stomach and whining. Justin was getting sort of annoyed but he tried his best to ignore it. "Did you want the bread sticks too?" he smirked. "I want my piercing," Shawn mumbled, "and yes." he loved the bread sticks from this italian restaurant that Justin used to go to a lot when he was little. He took Shawn there once and he was in love ever since.

"Alrighty, all set." Justin said as he saw the confirmation number pop up in his phone. "Shawnie, get up and go wash your hands. You're gonna help me set the table before our food arrives." He nudged Shawn who simply laid there. "Um, did you hear me? Get up kid." He nudged Shawn again who simply whined. He was behaving childishly but he didn't care, he wanted his way and it was annoying him that Justin wasn't giving it to him.

"Shawn, don't do this with me." He nudged him again, slightly harder and Shawn shook his head and laid there. Justin sighed and peeled back Shawn's sweat pants slightly and gave a smack to the seat of his briefs. Shawn grumbled in Justin's stomach and squirmed. "Do you want another?" Justin asked, losing his patience with his brother. "N-no.." Shawn replied with tears in his eyes and got up, going to do what his brother told him to.


After dinner, Justin went upstairs to check on Shawn and make sure he was all set for bed. He knocked on the door and heard a grumpy 'come in.' He rolled his eyes and looked over at the pouty Canadian laying in bed. Justin walked over to him and sat beside him, running his fingers through his curly locks. "Are you gonna be upset about this all day, baby?" Justin sighed. "Why won't you let me?" Shawn whimpered, trying his hardest not to cry. It was a stupid thing to cry over but it didn't make sense to Shawn why Justin was so against it.

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