Chapter 9

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It's been nearly a week since Kathy is gone...I don't know what to do, or to think or how to find a way to save my very own friend.
I know that we haven't known each other for years but I already feel like I need her help and she needs mine.

I take some hair out of my face and try to pay attention to class, but it was impossible. My mind was only on Kathy. It was like some kind of magic that made me think...That someone had hurt her. Someone had taken her away from here. I don't know why but I am trying to imagine...

I shake my head. No. This can't be happening. This is insane. I can't let her die though...I have to find a way to find her and help her as soon as possible.
My plan couldn't reach my thoughts as a loud voice striked right into my ears.

"Mrs. Ada, I am right here talking to you and you are not even paying attention to what I am saying. When will you learn???"

I sigh and whisper a soft "sorry" before turning my attention back to the class.
I had to think of a plan at home...

School is over. FINALLY.

I grab my bag and run out of the classroom as soon as possible, when suddenly I feel a frustrated hand grabbing my left arm. I turn around in surprise. It was Jimmy.

"Hey. Why are you rushing like that?" He asked with a bit of worry in his porcelain white skinned face. I tried to make up an excuse.
"To my grandmother" I answer fastly. What an idiot I am. I have no grandmother, she died two years ago.

"Sure" he said with a huge tone of irony in his voice. "Now tell me the truth. Where you off to?" His serious face really makes me uncomfortable. It's as if he is reading my whole body and my whole face. I sigh...Shall I tell him? Why does he bother anyway? I've known him for a year..And I can say we are really good friends...But sometimes I feel something more than just...A friendly aura between us.

He surely thinks I am nothing but an ordinary school girl that reads books and is quite the mysterious type of girl since I don't really talk. He sees me as a friend for sure. He would never ever see me as anything else...But... Can I trust him? We are good friends..I guess I have to, like he told me his darkest secrets. He may help me, if I tell him.

"Okay... Here it goes..."

"So...You think someone hurt her?" I could definitely hear the panic in his voice. Jimmy was known to be the type of guy that was hiding all of his emotions and all of his thoughts...All of them locked inside his heart. But this time, I could sense pure horror and worry. Even his expression changed. His usually careless look turned into a softer one.

"Yes. I believe that's the case" I stated with sorrow. "Jimmy...I've only known you for a year, but I believe that you are a trustworthy person...I believe in you. Will..." I stutter a bit "W-Will you help me find Kathy and bring her back?"

Jimmy's expression changes. It turns into a slight frown. I try to copy his expression as if we exchange a dialogue with expressions. Why are you looking at me, is what my expression is telling him, while his is a bit confused.

I sigh and look down. I can't stare at him for too long...I don't like looking at people in their eyes...Specially his.
His frown turns into a warm smile, which I would never expect from him.
"Of course I will" His voice is soothing...relaxing...So, nice to my ears that I swear..I could listen to it for ages. I smile in response.

"Thank you!" I exclaim and hug him with all my might, only to realise what I've just done...What if he didn't want me to hug him? Would he think I am flirting him? Would he tell me to stop because there are people around and they should not think that we are together?

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