Chapter 5

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I woke up to a cold breeze touching my bare back sending chills all over my body. Bare back? What on Earth!?
I stood up slowly first my hands, then my knees. My vision was still blurry from the dull tiredness of my eyes and my whole body was cold from the breeze. I rubbed my eyes and took the chance to look at my surroundings. At first I didn't realise mouth opened to a agape shape at the sight in front of me. It took me a while to realise I was locked in a giant cage, in a giant room and I was wearing no shirt, I was completely topless! I gasped and quickly hid my chest. I started to panic. I was so scared of this..And the only question that came up to my mind was...Where the hell was I?
I wasn't able to do anymore questions, because the door of the room swinged open, revealing a cheerful, giant Dan, standing at the brown doorframe. He had a happy look on his face but a smirk was curled on his lips. He was whistling a creepy tune as he was staring at some papers. I gasped and quickly fell down on my body so I can pretend I was still sleeping, although it was impossible to cover my whimpers.
I could hear his footsteps, he walked closer and closer...To the point where I could feel his hot breath against my back. I gulped slightly, shivering from the sudden wind hitting my back.
I screamed as I felt the cage moving and Dan screaming "WAKE UP"
I jerked back and watched him with wide eyes. He just laughed as I tried to concentrate to a way of escaping. His laughter stopped as his eyes fell on my bare breast. I gasped at the sudden realisation of my mind and hid my breast, earning a small, deep chuckle from my cousin. It gave me the chills..
"Don't worry little cousin. I won't hurt you...I'll be really good to you, I promise" his tone was soft and soothing, but for sure it made me disgusted. He smiled. "You are so cute all curled up in a little ball hiding yourself from me...In this, beautiful cage~. Little did you know, my little cousin...I closed you here." His smile turned into a smirk. "And I will keep you here...Forever!" His smirk turned into a toothish smile, which turned into a laughter. I whimpered softly and tried to look away from him. "Awww, don't cry sweetheart." He snickered and gently opened the cage. "You won't regret this much" his hand travelled from his side to the inner side of the cage trying to grab me. My eyes widened and my instincts took into action as I tried to move away from his giant hand...But it was pointless. In no time he had already caught me and brought me to eye level. I sobbed and whined against his warm hand. His eyes turned into a smiling type  which I assume it was just his smile which made his eyes smiling too. "You are so beautiful" he cooed and brought me close to his nose. He smelled me. "And you smell beautiful too"
I made a disgusted expression and whimpered more in his hand. He petted my head with his index finger gently. "So cute" his eyes felt like they glued on me like pins. He brought me close to his mouth and pressed me against his lips. My gasped and tried to pull away but it was impossible. Was he kissing me..? He pulled me away from his lips and licked them. He hummed which made me flinch back. "Honey you taste so good~" his smug smile appeared again. I couldn't say anything. I was terrified. I wanted to hit him but my hands were pinned to my sides by his warm palm. I wanted to scream...But no sound came out of my mouth...Dan chuckled at my reactions. "How about if I eat you?" He stated making me look up at his smirky face. I started struggling and struggling until he would let me go...But he never did. He instead laughed a little and patted my head. "Shhh...Now little cousin, we don't want you to cry now do we? I hope not..." And with a smile he added. "Don't worry, I won't bite you. I promise" and with that a huge open widened by the sides of his mouth creating a huge hole below me, revealing his sharp white teeth. My feet started to swing at the open blank space below me and before I knew it, his palm opened and allowed me to fall into his dark mouth never to be seen again...

* * * * * *

I screamed as I jumped out of my bed. What the hell?? I tried to gain my senses when suddenly I felt a hand touching me lightly by the shoulders. I jerked back and wanted to scream but my mouth was covered by another, gentler hand. "Shh little cousin. Don't you worry now. It was only a nightmare." Said Dan with a gentle voice, as a smile was applied on his face. I frowned. What was he doing in my house? My question was answered when I looked around me...He was in my house because simply this wasn't my house! Where the hell was I? I panicked and panted heavily. Dan hugged me close and shushed me.

"Shh...Don't worry little one. You are safe. You are okay. No one is going to hurt you." He sounded so calm. Unlike the stupid kind of actions he had in school...
I calmed down as soon as I could and pulled away from his hug. "Where am I?" I asked with question written all over my face."

Dan gave me a warm smile. "Home" he said in a low, deep voice. Home..? "What...home?" I asked even more confused with him.

"My home" he gave me a more reassuring smile now and added "My home is your home now, princess". I looked at him in anger. I hated this nickname. He called me this in our childhood. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him down on the bed as I laid on top of him with an irritated face. "Don't call me, princess" I hissed. He seemed surprised for a moment but then he smirked.

He grabbed me by the shirt and pushed  me towards the other side of the bed making me lay on my back and him on top of me.
"Okay, I won't call you..." He leaned closer. "...princess" he hissed too with no smirking expression this time, which made scared. His orbs were staring right at me coldly. I gulped and looked away. I was so surprising by his strength...He was so strong that I could feel his hands burning my own skin.

He smiled to my defeat and released me from his strong grip. He sat by the edge of the bed and sighed. "Listen to me Kathy..." His took a serious tone in his voice. "Quite a long time now...I had been watching you. I...I actually fell in love with you. You were always so kind and sweet...And feisty most of the time, which made me laugh a little...But...It didn't take me long to realise I wanted you only for myself. And...That's why I brought you here. A man last night tried to kill you but lucky for you...I was there. I'm always there. From the first moment I saw you, I wanted to protect you...With that being said.." he paused a little and sighed. "You have to stay here...Forever."

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