Chapter 4

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It has been a week since I started High School and I can say that I already found a company to spend my time with and met new people. Their names are Ambrocious, Ada, Jimmy, Mahi, Constantine and Markella. They are my best friends and I would never change them for my whole life. I obviously knew about Jim before, because we were friends since Junior High and I already met Ada...I think Ada likes Jimmy a lot. And Jimmy just adores Ada but they obviously don't show each other. Mahi is an anime lover and strong willed girl and Constantine just adores rock. Any kind of rock really.

Markella loved shopping, chatting and gossiping with other people. She is really sweet actually. Ambrocious is a boy of church but obviously he is a little devil. I adore all of them so much...I would love to introduce them to Stephan.
 I was staring at my phone when I heard someone calling me. "Hey England girly girl" Said Jimmy with a smirk. I hated that nickname...
"Don't call me that!" I nearly screeched as I hit him with my book. He just laughed and hugged me.
"How do you find high school?" I heard Ada joining in, with a kind smile on her face.
"It is...pretty nice, but seriously boring." I huffed and stared back at my phone.
"What are you reading?" Said Ada with curiousity. "Oh, It's a story that I am currently writing. Wanna read it?" I offered her my phone with happiness. "Sure!" She exclaimed. It was so adorable the way Jimmy was looking at her. I smiled but then my light smile dropped as I saw Dan walking towards us. 'Oh Merlin...'
"Hey little cousin~" he said with a cheeky smile. "How is it going?"
I faked a smile while trying to be as nice as I could. "It is going pretty well, thank you".
I really can't help but have a strong will to punch the fuck out of him so much. I really hate him! He is staring at me for the past week the whole time. He is really giving me the creeps...
"Can I steal her for a moment?" Dan asked Jimmy calmly, but he obviously wasn't.
"Um...Sure?" Jimmy shrugged and Dan waved me to come closer to him and go a little away from my two new friends.
"What?" I eyed him a little annoyed. Dan took a serious look though "Is this your boyfriend?" He asked. I felt my eyebrows furrow. "I beg your pardon?" I asked a little frustrated by his question.
"You should" he eyed me from up to down. He came closer, so close that his hot breath -smelling fruits -greeted my nose. "Is he your boyfriend?"
I shook my head in annoyance. "Of course not. He likes Ada anyway." I stated and waved my head to the blonde girl, still reading my story, so that Dan can see her.
"Oh" he said. "I see...Excellent" Dan leaned closer to me, to the point where I had to jerk back so we won't hit each other's heads. "Truly, Excellent" he smiled a toothy smile. Just like one of those smiles that criminals give you in the movies before they kill you.
"Why, excellent?" I rolled my eyes and tried to be as calm as I could.
"Because you are mine." He said coldly.
"I am what...?" I faked I didn't hear that...I mean he got to be joking right?
Dan held me from my shoulders tightly. "You. Are. Mine!" He stared into my eyes with pure evil, excitement and a little bit of psycho stare. I gulped and fixed my throat. "What do you mean by that?? You can't own me-" before I could finish, he interrupted me. "Silence. Do as I say or I'll harm your friends" he demanded. I couldn't stand it anymore and I spitted in his face and left. I fucking hate him so much...
* * * * * * * * *
I was studying at home with a small cup of coffee in my hand. Mr. K was truly a good guy, though his exercises on Math were kind of complicated. I did enjoy them though.
I took a sip of my tasteful, yummy, sweet coffee and sighed as I looked out of the window. Why was Dan like that? I remember we were good buddies when we were little. He protected me and I protected him, we played a lot together and always shared secrets...What was up with him?
 My phone alarm snapped me out of my thoughts and I turned to look at it a little tired. It was time to head for my English class.

Fuck, I was so bored...I can't believe it I had to head to English class. I am great in English so why the fuck go to a freaking English class?? Upon my anger I spilled my coffee on the floor. What did I do. Obliviate~

Nah. Nothing happened. I got up as soon as possible and cleaned the floor. As I got up I quickly grabbed my bag and keys and headed for my English class.
It was late at night...And no one was there. I looked to my left and right because it was dark. For some reason I felt like somebody was watching me. I turned around to see no one but a cat. I turned to my left but no one. Same to the right and front of me! It must be my mind playing tricks on me...I continued walking silently.

I can't forget that one time I panicked in the middle of the street because I felt a hot breath on my neck, but nobody was there...I remember I got carried to the hospital because I fainted on the street. It was one of my roughest times of my life. Stephan was so worried about me.. I remember his whole smug expression being shifted to a teary and scared expression that I could not tell, because I wasn't feeling well...
I got snapped back in reality when I felt a gloved hand covering my mouth.
I screamed as much as I could and kicked the strange figure that was covering my mouth with what seemed like a rag clothe. I kept screaming and screaming but my powers were starting to abandon me..The rag clothe had a strange smell...The guy kicked my legs with what seemed like a huge metal thing until I couldn't feel them and I stopped kicking the guy while felt like falling to the ground..When suddenly I found myself falling faster than I thought on the ground by another figure. He was fighting the guy that covered my mouth and...Maybe injured my legs. I couldn't see who it was though.. My vision was blurry. I whined at my place as I saw a  hand comibg towards my head. The only thing that I remember is a gentle hand touching me and a familiar soothing voice trying to calm me down "It's okay, you are gonna be alright little cousin.." as darkness greeted me with its black appearance...

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