Chapter 3

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"Greetings Kathy" Dan said to me with a smug smile on his face. As Stephan was looking away he finally saw Dan standing in front of us and smiled.

"Oh hey yo, Dan! What's up?...Or should I say...Dan, Dan, DAAAAAAAAN"

I let out a snort and try to hide my laughter by Stephan's joke, however Dan didn't even seem impressed. He, instead kept a stone cold face behind his black sunglasses. "Ha" he finally said after staring at Stephan for what seemed like forever. Stephan shrugged and looked away, but as he looked away he noticed an old teacher of his and a bright smile showed up on his face. "Oh it's Mr. K! Kathy...I'll be right back" he said with a wink and left to greet Mr. K

I smiled at him but then I felt like somebody was watching me so I looked in front of me to see Dan's eyes both stuck on me like glue. The way he looked at me was exactly the way a wolf was lurking for its pray. I gulped and shifted uncomfortably in my place, but only got a chuckle from Dan.

"You look so pretty" he said in a low husky voice which immediately sent a shiver down my spine. "T-thanks?" I didn't want to stutter, why did it freaking come out into a stutter?! I heard him chuckle. "It's been a long time, hasn't it?" He was right. It was a long time ago since we saw each other at a funeral...It was one of my worst days ever..

I sighed and nodded at his statement. I looked down at his black outfit and studied every little detail of his sweater. I was snapped out of reality when I heard his voice again "Like what you see?" He softly chuckled. I looked up to him to look into his glowing eyes hovering over me and I shook my head as a "no" for response to his stupid question.

"No..? Hmm...How disappointing"  he stated with a small furrow on his straight dark brown eyebrows. I tried to look as confident as I could. This guy really needed a punch on his face. "Look, if you wanna bother me then don't come near me. Stephan will beat you up" I snapped at him but only got another low chuckle. Merlin, I hate him so much...

"Hmm...Feisty. Just how I like it" he smirked and made his way past me. I was about to speak but he was enough away from me, but then he turned around and said "See you later kid" he gave me a kind smile and then left to wherever he wanted to. I stared at his stupid walking, his stupid clothes, his stupid hair and back, I wanna end him!

Meanwhile, Steph catched up. "Hey baby-girl, what happened? You seem a little...Dosed off" he petted my hair softly as he looked over me with a worried look. I didn't want to make him worry so i lied. "No, I'm fine" I said with a smile. He first seemed to not believe me but then he gave me the same smile. "Alright then" he said and gave me a hug, stroking my hair. He pulled me a little close and he whispered in my ear. "If anything happens please don't lie to me, okay?" He sounded worried but it also sounded like he gave me a good warning. I just nodded my head and spoke

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