Chapter 2

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I hopped off Stephan's car. The ride was amazing! He even put on my favourite songs. I love spending time with Steph so much...Like when we were still kids. I still can remember these unforgettable moments we had together. I was so happy back then with father too...I miss him.

I looked at the school's gate feeling a little nervous, but then I felt a small pat on my shoulder. Stephan gave a me a reasuring smile. "It will be okay, little cousin. Don't worry" he said as he gave me a big hug. I love his scent so much...
We entered the school together. I can't believe I will start my life in high school now! It's been so many years but still those years have passed like blast. I can't believe it I'm 15 and soon to be 16! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. The school looked so unfamiliar. I've never even visited it before. There were many classes that really didn't seem exciting. Actually, the whole school looked like the Asgaban's jail, though you could hear songs playing from the radio of the school I suppose. The music fades away and then another song interferes...It's Mr. Bad guy by Freddie Mercury! One of my favourite singers!

I hum softly as Stephan sings it lowly with me. I smile at him and looked around to see the other students. There were many kinds of students. Some of them were sleeping which made me chuckle a little. I looked around again and my eyes fell on someone...familiar. I watched him approach us as the song continued playing on the background

"I'm Mr. Bad guy♪♪"

He ran his hands through his hair.

"Yes I'm everybody's Mr. Bad guy♪♪"

And looked right through my eyes...with his mysterious ones

"Can't you see, I'm Mr. Mercury♪♪"

He was looking at me mischievously

"Oh, spread your wings and fly away with me♪♪"

His voice was raspy but not so deep...It was kind of soothing in way that sent chills down my spine...specially the way he called my name

"Greetings, Kathy"

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