The Guide

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Does anyone like candy corn? Well i don't, does anyone agree with me? Today i bought a candy corn witch costume from party city, it's a nice costume but i hold the most disgusingest candy on earth. I must be a mean witch. and that's why when i tried on the costume, I liked it so much that I'm sitting here typing away, while wearing this evil costume. Well anyway on with the story, I hope you like it. And I really can't WAIT TO GET DONE TYPING SO I CAN READ NEW UPLOADS!


The Guide  

Chapter. 1  

"This better be about getting me out of this sh-" Bradley my lawyer cut me off. 

" Language, and of coarse it's about getting you out of here, but there are a couple of conditions."

I sat there waiting for him to continue. He had a smirk spreading across his stupid face- knowing I am a very impatient person. One word: Asshole. I swear one day when I get qet chance I'm gonna trash his car, and possibly; but hopefully, punch him in his stupid ass jaw! I sucked in a deep breath-relieving myself-so I wouldn't jump over the steel table and strangle him to death, I'm sure he loves his pretty neck. And he wouldn't want me to break it! 

" What are you waiting for, an invitation? Proceed!" I commanded through clenched teeth, I gripped the table leaning closer- which meant I was close to losing my temper.  

He chuckled, and leaned closer, "1, no stealing, threatening,fighting, destruction, mayhem, you get my drift?"  

I nodded, rolling my eyes.  

"2, you will have to keep your grades up considerably, and join extra curricular's. And 3, 3 strikes and your out."He then smiled grimly.  

" 4, you will have a guide that will make sure you follow theses conditions."  

I sat there contemplating theses conditions,I knew it would be hard to keep. But there is no way I'm gonna end up in county jail. Condition 4 bugged me the most, which had my blood boiling.  

I slammed my hands on the steel table, making him jump slightly in his seat. " What do you mean guide, are you gonna have some grimy man following my every move like a lost mutt?!" I exclaimed huffing.  

He signed, pinching the bridge of his nose. " Max calm down, he'll just be like a nanny. But don't screw this up, 'cause I know how much you want to go to Julliard. But at the rate your going, it won't happen."  

I slumped in my seat, he was right. I couldn't wait to get out of this place, 'cause this jumpsuit was itchy as hell.  

" when do I get out?"  

A smirk appeared on his face and he began to laugh, he grabbed his suit case and made his way to the door. He turned just as he was about to walk through the door.  

"Yesterday."He then slammed the door shut.  

I sat there wondering what was so funny, but then I realized what he said. Yesterday, yesterday! I could have been released, yesterday!

I jumped out of my seat, " You asshole, when I get my hands on you-"  

He cut me off over the intercom, " Condition 1, no threatening."  

" Asshole." I mumbled.  

"I heard that."  

I slumped in to my chair and crossed my arms in defeat.  


The gates pulled back as I walked towards it. I winced, at the pressure fat ass was putting on the handcuffs as we walked to the gate. His slow steps and heavy breathing irratated me. If I hadn't just got out of the facility, I would have shoved my fist down his throat; see how he liked the taste of that. He began to lossen the hand cuffs as we stepped through the gate. A smile lit across my face at the freedom of facility grounds.  

A guy stepped out of a black ferrari scaglietti and approached us. He was tall, with brown hair,blue-Grey eyes, muscular; pretty much gorgeous. Like a Robert Pattinson combined with Sean O'Pry.He also had stubble, making him even hotter. I do love older guys!  

" I'm looking for max lane, I'm his guide." My eyebrows pulled together, his guide?  

 " Hey buddy, does it look like I have a bulge down there?" I asked, pointing down towards my private area. 

His eyes narrowed dangerously," I'm assuming your Max, Brad warned me about you, but he didn't say anything about you being a girl."  

" Well here you go, she's all yours;good luck!" Fat ass said pushing me towards the guy.  

I stumbled nearly falling into the hot guy. I turned around and glared at the live size jelly donut standing before me. "Your lucky there's camera's around, or else I'd try out my theory on how Delicious my fist would taste down your throat." I said innocently with an evil smile plastered across my face.  

His eyes went wide and he took a couple steps back, "Have a safe drive." And he ran out of site behind the gates, like Forest.  

I signed, 2 months of a wasted summer; I'd spent in this hell hole. And now I have to spend 10 long months with this guy: The Guide.  

Hope you liked it!

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