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When they had all finally returned back to Hogwarts after Christmas, everyone could tell that Aurora Black and Fred Weasley were even more inseparable than before - which was hard to believe - everybody seemed to notice the longing gazes constantly exchanged as well as the fact that they almost always had to be touching each other, if it wasn't holding hands it'd be their shoulders or knees brushing against each other as they sat side by side. Fred would even sneak the girl up into his dormitories at night as they both would sleep peacefully in each other's arms.

"Headless Hats!" George shouted, as Fred (who's one arm was around Aurora's shoulders) held a pointed hat in his free hand. Aurora inspected the hat which was pink with fluffy feathers and she couldn't help but want to rip it apart as the colour now represented The Pink Toad of a Professor, "Two Galleons each, watch Fred, now!"

Fred took his arm off Aurora's shoulder as he placed the pink hat on top of his head, beaming. Aurora covered her mouth to muffle the laugh that flew out due to how ridiculous the boy looked wearing it. A couple of seconds pass and she instead of laughing she gasps; both the hat and Fred's head had vanished.

Several girls in the common room screamed, but everyone else looked in awe.

"And off again!" George said.

Fred's hand groped for a moment in what seemed like thin air above his shoulders, then his head reappeared as he swept the pink hat from it.

"How do those hats work, then?" Hermione asked looking up from her homework, "I mean, obviously it's some sort of Invisibility Spell, but it's rather clever to have extended the field of invisibility beyond the boundaries of the charmed object... I'd imagine the charm wouldn't have a very long life though."

"We're not going to tell you the secrets of our trade, Granger," George said before he carried on displaying the pink-feathered hats to the Gryffindor students. He tried to place it on top of Harry's head as he walked past but the spectacled boy had none of it, he practically ran from George up to his dormitory. Aurora couldn't help but watch his leave, his face pale but he send her a small reassuring smile as he passed her.


Aurora whispered with Fred as they sat at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall, she was interrupted by a swift tap on her shoulder and quickly rotated on the bench to look at who it was.

"Is everything alright, Harry?" She asked, concern written all over her face as she looked at the boy shifting his body weight from one foot to the other as his pale face and tired eyes looked at her.

"Not really," Harry muttered, shaking his head, "I think you ought to see this," he added holding out his hand for the girl to take. 

Aurora shared a worried and confused look with Fred, but quickly placed her hand in Harry's and allowed him to pull her up from her seat, he led her over to where Hermione and Ron were sitting; in front of them the Daily Prophet.

"So, what's going on?" The black haired witched asked, Hermione and Ron shared a sad look before Ron turned the newspaper around and slid it over to the girl. She shared a confused look with Harry who simply nodded his head at the Daily Prophet and so she glanced down.

 She gasped as she saw the moving black and white photographs of Bellatrix Lestrange on the front cover. She quickly sat down as her eyes scanned the pages, quietly reading the words, "We have confirmed that ten high-security prisoners - in the early hours of yesterday evening - did, in fact, escape Azkaban..... We strongly suspect that the breakout was engineered by a man with personal experience in escaping Azkaban, notorious mass murderer Sirius Black, cousin of Bellatrix Lestrange."

"Are you fucking kidding me!?" Aurora yelled, punching her fist against the wooden table before she stood up. Hermione and Ron jumped at the sudden loud noise before they watched her run her hand through her messy hair.

Harry shot up from his seat, placing his hand on her shoulder as other students in the Hall glanced at the girl.

Fred shared a worried look with his twin and Lee before the three seventh year boys stood up from their seats and swiftly made their way over. But before either one of them could have said anything someone from behind cleared their throat in the most sickly sweet way. 

Aurora rolled her eyes as she noticed The Pink Toad standing close by, a sickly smile on her face as she clutched her pink handbag tightly to her chest and walked closer; her small heels making an echoing sound that could be heard throughout the entire Great Hall.

"What is all the commotion about, dear?" Professor Umbridge asked, tilting her head as she looked straight into Aurora's eyes.

"Nothing," Aurora muttered, her jaw clenched as she looked at Umbridge, feeling her blood boil in anger.

"Good," Umbridge said, "Now scatter off," she said shooing them with her hand as if they were barn animals, "Apart from you, Miss Black."

Fred watched Aurora as she rolled her eyes and crossed her arms across her chest.

"You'll be coming with me," Professor Umbridge concluded, giggling before she gestured Aurora to follow and the pair made their way out of the Great Hall. All eyes watching them as they went.

"What the hell happened?" Fred asked, looking between his youngest brother, Hermione and Harry.

Harry grabbed the newspaper and placed it into Fred's hands. Once the ginger boy read it he let out a sad sigh, "Well, shit."

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