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Tug the bedsheets over my head, hoping to find comfort

In the deep ravines of my mind. Sleep doesn't touch me.

I bristle, rolling over as darkness envelopes. My sunken eyes

Deepen further. I'll make a hideous corpse. Depravity

Latches onto the edges of my mind, refusing to pry away. 

Tears leak my eyes as I groan on my deathbed. Pain and

Turmoil take over me as my soul tries to pull free of my being. 

I scream in frustration; the pain reaching a crescendo,

Pianissimo, exquisite torture. I close my eyes, not to wake again. 

My soul quietens as the pain reaches an equilibrium.

 My tears freeze, soft lullaby, the croon of heaven brushing my ears. 

I have been such a good girl. Now it is time to reap

My reward. And thus, in the death of me, I found solace.

The End

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