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1. No sugar past 7 pm
2. Bedtime at 8:30pm
3. Always eat three meals a day with snacks and loads of water in between
4. No biting, no growling, no hissing
5. No fits, brattines, no whining
6. Homework is to be done before anything else
7. Always tell mommy what's wrong.
8. Don't be afraid to ask for things.
9. No one is permitted to touch you. You are mine and mine alone
10. Always be nice
11. Have respect to other mommies, daddies, caregivers, littles and people in general
12. Give mommy an update of your day everyday
13. No climbing tables, no hiding
14. Behave especially in public
15. No tantrums
16. No cursing or curse words
17. Remember mommy loves you
18. No thinking low of yourself

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