Chapter Nineteen

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"Jackson!" Kronos greeted as Percy entered the room once again. "Back so soon?" "Yes. Exactly one hundred left. Per the plan." Percy stayed sharply. He closed his eyes tightly, his head still hurting immensely from seeing Annabeth Chase, Cole Louis, and the two children. He could only remember vague things about them: he had loved Annabeth, he hates both of them now, and the children- he hates the children too, even though, vaguely, he knew it wasn't the children's faults he hates them.

"Percy?" Kronos questioned, his voice slipping into the mockingly sweet, soft tone it normally did before he had to go with Kronos to have the Cleansing rebooted. "Fine. I'm fine." "Jackson." Immediately, the sweetness was gone. "I lied. I'm not fine." Percy replied instantly to the harsher tone. "Who did you see? Who was it?" Kronos grabbed Percy's arm and led him out of the room and towards J-003. "Just- Just some of the Greek demigods. I think....I think they were important to me? Does that make sense?" Percy's voice was extremely questioning as he fought to regain part of his memory.

"I need names, Jackson." "Uh...Annabeth Chase. Cole Louis." Percy closed his eyes tighter as a wave of pain washed over him. The names, the names! Why couldn't he remember the names? They were important to him too! "I think there was a- a Jason?" Yes! "Jason. Jason...Grace? I think. Jason Grace." Percy nodded to himself before Kronos opened the door to J-003, pulling Percy inside. "Before we reboot, I need you to tell me the rest of the names you remember. Just to see how much we need to reboot." Kronos was back with the sweet, soft tone.

"I don't know!"

"Yes, you do!"

Percy fought to remember. The guy with dark hair and dark eyes. He was really important too, more so than many others. The girl with dark hair and bright blue eyes, though. Those two were the most important, but he just couldn't remember. "Tell me, Percy." Tell me, Percy thought. The girl- her name starts like that. Tell me. Tell- Thal- Thalia! "Thalia Grace!" Percy shouted before realizing how loud he was. "Thalia Grace was there." Kronos was not pleased with this information. "Any others?"

"Yeah. I mean- yes. There was Jason, Thalia, and then three others. Plus Annabeth and Cole. Of the Greeks." Percy thought harder. The guy with the dark hair and eyes, the guy with the dark hair and eyes, the guy with the dark hair and eyes! He kept on repeating that phrase in his head as the image of the guy came into focus in his mind. He gasped. "Nico di Angelo. Nico was there. Which means- Which means that one of the people- the other guy- is Will Solace." Percy exhaled deeply.

"You said there was one other? Annabeth, Cole, Nico, Will, Thalia, Jason, and-" "Piper. Piper McLean." Having completes the list of people, everything resurfaced in his mind. Percy's Brain was flooded with memories. His focus turned to Kronos. "You! You wiped my memory!" Percy shot up, hands wrapping around Kronos' throat.

"Oh dear." Kronos gasped out before Percy's hands tightened. Then, Kronos snapped and everything went dark for Percy once again.

Percy woke up in his bed, blinking sleepiness out of his eyes enough to see Andy, Arabella, Noah, Juliana, Rynn, and Asher's faces hovering over his own. "Percy?" Andy asked carefully. "Yes?" Percy replied, lifting his hand up and wiping his eyes with the back of his wrist. "You okay?" His brother continued. "Yes. As always, yes. Stop worrying about me all the time!" Percy huffed angrily. Andy looked wounded and took a few steps back. "I just- I just wanted to help." His voice was small. "I'm sorry." He said.

Andy stuck his hands in his pockets and moved across the room, giving Percy plenty of space. "That was rude, Percy." Rynn scolded. Percy rolled his eyes slightly. "Perseus Jackson, you listen to me." Percy's mouth dropped open slightly as Asher of all people raised his voice at him. "Your brother is just being exactly that: your brother. He is caring about you because that's how siblings are supposed to be! You're lucky your brother's even alive!" Asher stopped shouting, sucking in a desperate breath for air. Percy's eyes were wide as he looked at his friend. Rynn lightly touched Asher's forearm. "Ash-" Asher pulled his arm away quickly and stalked out of the room.

Percy's head hurt again, slightly like it did right before a break in the Cleansing. "Here's what's gonna happen." Juliana and Arabella said in perfect unison. They looked at each other in surprise before turning back to Percy.

"Go after him-"

"-and apologize-"

"-understood?" They finished together. Percy nodded and stood up. His vision swam before his eyes and the ground seemed to sway beneath his feet. He collapsed to the ground, feeling incredibly weak and fragile. "Percy!" Noah and Andy yelped, Noah having walked over to Andy to console him after Percy lashed out. Juliana, Noah, Andy, and Arabella helped pull Percy to his feet. Percy's eyes rolled back in his head. The other four looked at each other with pure panic written on their faces. Juliana and Noah lowered Percy back into his bed as Arabella helped get him in a more comfortable position. Andy shot out the door yelling, "Lord Kronos! Lord Kronos! It's Percy! Help, Lord Kronos!"

"And then he just collapsed?"

Percy's ears rang slightly but he managed to make out Kronos' voice alongside his friends'. He squeezed his eyes before blinking them open. "Yes." Arabella said to Kronos before looking at Percy. "Oh good. You're awake." She said softly. "How- How long was I out?" Percy asked. "Only, like, three minutes this time." Noah answered. Percy looked at Kronos and was met with his steely gaze. "I changed your Cleansing, Percy." Kronos started calmly.

"You what?"

Kronos looked down at his belt before unclipping and pulling out a knife. "Do you trust me, Jackson?" Without hesitation, Percy replied, "Not at all." Kronos smirked a little. "That's probably for the best.  Give me your hand." Percy hesitantly presented his hand to the Titan. Kronos pulled the blade across his palm, Percy briefly hissing in pain.



Golden ichor leaked out of the cut on Percy's palm. Percy looked up at Kronos in wonder. The Titan grinned. "I took the human part out of you. I can say with an 100% guarantee that you are now 100% god and are therefore a god yourself. You're welcome."

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