42 ~ Better Take Me On A Date First

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A/N: So sorry for how terrible this chapter is and also sorry that the next chapter after this will be the conclusion. 

"[L/N]!!!!! LET'S GO ON A DATE!!" A very happy Pikachu suggested as he attacked me with a bear hug.

"Like right now?" Asked confused as I try to pry him off me finding it difficult to breathe from the tight bear hug.

"Duh when else?" He laughed finally letting go of me and ruffling my hair.

"Well, I don't know? All I know is that you came running in here asking to go on a date." I laughed.

"We should go now. I was thinking I take you to the Akihabara arcades and then go on the farris wheel once its dark." Kaminari explained.

"That sounds fun." I shrugged.

"Okay then let's go!" He grabbed my hand leading me all the way to the parking lot outside.


We finally agreed on going to this arcade with more old fashioned games. The arcade was called Super Potato.  (Yes this is a literal arcade in Japan.) There were multiple different old-school games from Pac-Man to Centipede.

Besides just video games you could by game consoles,  collectibles and snacks. The firstt hing we did was go to the counter to buy tokens to play the games.

Kaminari insisted on paying for both of us,  however I refused and payed for myself.  Why must all couples argue about stupid things like paying?

It seemed like Kaminari had came here a lot because he was like a pro at the arcade games. He had almost always ended with a pretty good score.

In the end I was completely defeated by Kaminari in all the video games.

"Hey, it's okay you've never been here before can't expect 'ya to be a pro right away." He laughed as he handed me a Pikachu stuffed animal from the claw machine that was here.

"Yeah,  I'm aware of that." I sighed taking the toy.

"And of course you'd win me a Pikachu plushie." I rolled my eyes and I looked at it. 

"I figured it'd remind you of me when you go back to Kyoto." He smiled and I shook my head.

"Of course.  I'll think of you everytime I snuggle it." I hugged the plushie and he laughed.


After winning the plushie in the the claw machine,  we got ready to head toward the farris wheel.  On our way there,  we stopped at a crepe truck for a snack since we hadn't really ate lunch.

After that we finally made it to the farris wheel.  It was getting darker outside meaning that we were able to see the sparkling lights that farris wheel had on when  it got dark.  It was so perfect.  I'm surprised that idiot was able to come up with such a fantastic idea for a first date.

As paid for our tickets and got on, I looked down seeing the beautiful street lights and cars in the distance. 

It was so amazing to see.  I was so lucky to have this experience with someone so wonderful.

"Hey Kaminari." I said.

"Yeah?  What's up." He looked over to me.

"Thanks." I gave him a smile.

"It's no biggie. I'm glad to spend this night with such a beautiful girl." He held my hand.

"You're such a flirt." I giggled.

"Only when it comes to you." He leaned in planting  a chaste kiss on my lips,  which I happily returned.

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