Drop Water Balloon's On Dancer's

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Remember the Song ...

here Comes The Rain Again Something Something Something Something ... 

Yeah the One By Urethymics or Rem I think... 

Yeah Well The rain never Stopped That Morning.. Let's Say About 10 Day's before My Bday. My Mother Had Taken me On This 3 Week Escapade To Escape The cps Workers Looking For Her because The Antichrist Grandmother had Kicked us out. We Wound up In Seattle , Washington at One Of My Mother's Semi- Consistent Lover's At The Time ( In Fact He Traveled Three States With Us In Life ) Terry. He Was Growing Some Of The best Pot Plant's I Have Ever seen in My Life And Also Whose Real House We couldn't Go To because he Had a Girlfriend And A kid That Lived There.  Crazy Relationship My Mother And him had. I will never understand how They Were Married And Then Divorced To become Girlfriend And boyfriend To Weekend Lover's. I Will Say This tho , When Ever It Comes To some of The wildest Memories I Had Living With My Mother in Coos-bay , Oregon , Or Colorado Spring's , Colorado , He Was Right behind Them All. I Can Remember One Night In coos bay , We Lived out In The Wood's you Had To Drive About 1/2 Of Mile To Get To Our Doorway , It Was Late And There Was A Echo Of Fall In The Air. My Mother Was A Well Known party Animal And Of Course Drug's Are a Staple For Partying. Mushroom's If I Remember correctly , Were The Reason For My Mother's " Freak Out " that night ... now just Imagine A minute A 30 Ish Woman Stark Naked Running Thru The house screaming about bugs being On Her ... yeah That's My childhood Wrapped Up In one Memory . Regardless To Say During all Of This That Was Happening ... Yup you Guessed It ... Terry Was Right There In Coos Bay During This Incident. So needless To Say This Dude Was One Of The Key Figures Of My Early Childhood.

Actually I Can Even Give you A memory From This Exact Time Period That my Mother And I Were Living With Terry In Seattle. So This Apartment That terry Rented Was Literally Right Above a Strip Club. My Mother And I Would Drop Water balloons Filled With Water out Off The Side balcony Of The Roof After Climbing up The Ladder Located Outside The Window. you Know One Of Them Cliche Side Stairway Things .. Terry Made his Money Of Serving The People Who Not Only Came There but Worked There As Well. Selling his Pot To The Guys That Would come in From Out Of town. i Can Say That Those Three Weeks Living There Were Actually Legit To Be Honest. First Time I Got High. Mom Taught Me So Well Handing Me my First joint. 26 years Later I Still Smoke. 

Anyway's back To The Rain And The Song And The Blah Blah Blah. So The Rain never Stopped That Morning, hell It always Rains In Seattle,  But This Day Seemed To be just A Little Wetter. Just a Little Bit More of Mother Natures Hate For Mankind in The Air. Unbelievable because It Is only May. 


" Alex Wake Up We Have To GO " 

" Why Mom " 

We Gotta Meet Your Grandmother " 

" Why " ?

" You'll See " 

" I Love You " 

Picture Me just Waking up Puzzled hearing My Mother Say She Loves Me 

I Am Completely Confused And Lost

I Respond...

" I Love You To Give Me A second To Get dressed " 

Fast Forwarding A Few Minutes Later 

Now We Are All Dressed In The Car And Heading Toward's Tacoma Or was It Puyallup - I Can Remember Needless To say Decent Drive Either Way UDig!! 

Mcd's Was Pretty Common For breakfast. In Fact The Last Three Weeks Had been Pretty Much Mcds breakfast. They Had Those bisquit And Gravy And Cinnamon Rolls breakfast For 2 Dollars. That Was Cheap Even back Then. We Ended up meeting up With Grandma At The Greyhound Station Just As I Was Finishing My Food In The backseat.

So The Last Thing My Mother Said To Me That Day. Sit here With your Grandmother While I Go Park The Car. It Would be Seven yrs before I Would See or Talk To Her Again.

That Damn Rain beating On The greyhound Lobby Window's just Wouldn't Stop. Just Like The Tear's. Twice This Woman Has Left. Twice This Woman Has hurt Me. Yet Again Here I Am Crying Over Another Person Who Care's Nothing For Me. It's Truly Aggravating Thinking About It Still To This day.. Of Course The Demon Spawn grandmother Of Mine Just Wanted To Keep Throwing in My face " This Is Just God's Plan "  As If Some Kind Of Peace Is To be Found At That moment. Still To This Day I Wish I Would have Slapped Her. 

We boarded An Amtrak Train On May 11th , 1994 In Tacoma , Washington. 

Initiating Change In 3 - 2- 1 ... Lets Goooooooo !!!!! 

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