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CARL FOUND HIMSELF in an odd situation. Allison had called him, asking for his help since nobody else was available. It was an odd request, seeing as they hadn't seen each other in a long time. But Allison was still his friend, and he couldn't say no. "What do you need help on?" He asked, shuffling through his closet looking for something to wear.

    "My sister– Vanya, she's friends with this really suspicious guy. Something about him really irks me in the wrong way. I'm going to break into his house and look for any information about him." She explained, Carl took a deep breath, stopping what he was doing all together.

    "You want me to... break the law? I mean, that's seriously not how I imagined us reuniting." Carl said, a light laugh made his way through the phone.

"Carl, I hate to drag you into this. But it would be nice if you were there." Allison pleaded, Carl thought about it. He picked out the cleanest things he owned at the moment which was nothing more but a pair of light jeans and a black shirt.

"Fine, I'll help. On one condition." He added.

Allison nodded, but once she realized that Carl couldn't see her, she spoke. "Sure thing, what is it?"

"You have to buy me dinner afterwards. My stomach is not happy at the moment." Carl rubbed his stomach. He quickly got changed and headed over to his fridge where he picked out a cup of jello. This would have to do for now.

    "Deal. I'll text you the address. Meet me there in 30, 'kay?" Allison hang up on him and Carl sighed. Lately, he hadn't been following the rules– and he didn't even think about how that would hurt his image. He just hoped that no one one find out, which was only hopeful thinking.


     Carl arrived at the given address, apparently it was Leonard Peabody's house. At least he wasn't the only one given a crappy name. He got out of the cab, paying the driver before spotting Allison up ahead. "Allison." Carl greeted, he pulled her into a tight hug, it had been too long.

     "Carl, I miss you." They kissed each other's check in a quick greeting. A usual occurrence that happened when the two were together, apparently neither one of them forgot. It was a habit.

     "I miss you too," Carl paused, viewing his surroundings, "Now, how do we get in?" Allison toyed with the doorknob with her bobby pin, and eventually it worked. The door clicked and the two walked inside. Carl's heart raced faster as he realized that he didn't check if anyone was still home. He looked over to Allison, and she only nodded, slowly walking deeper into the house.

"Search the first floor, I'll search the second." Allison instructed, she carefully walked up the stairs as Carl made his way through the first floor. He stopped upon a few cheap celebrity magazines stowed away in between Leonard's mail. He picked one up, snorting as he read it.

"Okay, yep. That's a Playboy magazine. Not really my thing, so... I'm just gonna put that one back..." Carl placed the magazine in between the mail, regretting even grabbing it in the first place. He saw another magazine that had caught his eye. He picked it up, he had this feeling– he had to do it. He scrolled over it, and landed on a page with a picture of himself.

Carl couldn't care less about what the media thought of him, yet he couldn't help himself. He didn't have a bad reputation, but it's not like people praised him for being so good. 'Carl Jensen? Who's He?' The article title read. Carl sat down on the couch, completely forgetting about the task on hand. He kept reading.

'Carl Jensen is a boy with a spectacular singing voice, but not many people know about his existence. We bet that more people would know if only he didn't fall off the face of the planet. Where's Carl now? We couldn't answer that for you. Ever since the release of his album "Nightlit", he hasn't been making much noise. Inside sources say he's dealing with drug issues, one of our paparazzi caught a photo of him in a hospital. What do you think about this topic? Email us @somebullshitcelebritymagazinebrand'

Carl sighed, obviously regretting reading the magazine all together. He looked at the picture they provided of himself, he looked frantic as he was looking over the nurse's desk. He remembered that night, he was trying to ask the nurse where his mother was currently residing. He took a good look at the picture, he looked absolutely crazy. Obviously any sane person would assume drugs, but that just wasn't the case at all.

Carl didn't even realize Allison was beside him until she placed her hand on his shoulder. "No one believes the stuff written on those stupid magazines. You know it's false, your friends and families know it's false, and that's all that matters." She comforted him. She remembered reading some stuff about her, talking about how she used her powers to get to where she was now. But the only difference between Carl and Allison's dilemma is that Allison's 'rumors' were true.

"Your right, thanks Allison. This kind of reminds me of why we became friends in the first place." Carl commented, dropping the magazine in the trash, he doubted Leonard would even need it. Not like he needed that Playboy magazine. He thought back to the moment he met Allison, they instantly bonded over their problems on the carpet.

The two heard the sound of a car pull up to the house, and immediately they got out of the living room. Leonard opened the door, carrying a few bags with him. Allison pointed to the back door, and Carl nodded. When Leonard's back was turned, they quietly made their way to it and exited quickly. The rush of adrenaline was still present as they picked up their legs and ran off the property quickly.

They stopped when they couldn't see the house anymore, they caught their breath as they sat on a random sidewalk bench. There was a beat of silence before Carl broke it, "So, what's for dinner?"

Allison smiled, "There's a taco place down the road, wanna eat there?"

Carl nodded excitedly, "Is that even a question, Allison? You know how much I love tacos."

See you guys on Wednesday!! I wanted to talk more about Carl and his life because I hadn't really touched upon that topic to much. But I think this chapter was pretty good and sorry if it seemed a little rush. I completely forgot I had to publish today and I was trying to write something down so I wouldn't disappoint. For the most part, I think it got the point across well. That's all I have to say for now so bye guys! Love you all!!

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