An Open Letter to Matt

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Dear Matt,

Oh god. Where do I even begin? I realize that I am just a fan to you, but to me, you're everything.

Okay, that sounds really fucking creepy, I'm sorry.

Anyway, I'm just going to be honest here, okay? Okay. You're breathtakingly beautiful. I mean, hot damn. How can one person be so ethereal? Your smile is more radiant than the sun; it's blinding. Your sun kisses hair is gorgeous and looks so soft; I just want to run my hands through your hair. You've got to be Greek, because you've been sculpted by the Gods.

Your personality, too, is just great. You seem so genuine and kind. You're hilariously funny and your videos and streams never cease to make me erupt into laughter. I could be having the worst day of my life and watch a video of yours and be fine again.

Except for the one time I had a panic attack while watching you stream because I was afraid I was annoying the fuck out of you.

Anyway, let's say by the grace of God we got to know each other and form a bond. Let's say we went out on a date. What would it look like?

Well, I wouldn't care, so long as I was with you. We could play video games, or you could stream and I could just watch. We could go see a movie or get dinner. I'd probably not be able to eat because I'd be practically sick with anxiety, but that's whatever.

I think, though, preferably, I'd like to just walk around Melbourne with you and talk. I'd like to be able to look at you as we walked, talking about anything, everything, and nothing at all. We could window shop or grab a snack or something, too. But the best part? The best part would be just being with you.

Maybe we'd kiss or just hold hands. I'd be too nervous to even walk right next to you. But I would refuse to let this chance slip through my fingers. I'd probably laugh a lot; I do that when I'm anxious (which is all the time I'm going to be real with you chief).

Kissing you would be the highlight of my life. I'd probably just fucking die and go straight to Heaven. At least I would die happy. Of course, that would be hella awkward for you.

My whole point to this is: I am another fangirl deeply attracted to you. I know you've stated before that you would never date a fan, but I could (and would) throw all of that away for you. I know several celebrities who have dated fans and things turned out great. But I understand if you would still never want to date a fan.

This is getting long, I'm sorry. It would be longer if I had it my way. Anyway, I hope you have a good day, Matt. Remember to take care of yourself.

Yours truly,

LapisPrincessLibby (also known as Libby, Lapis, or, according to you, Laprise).

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