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After Killian's surgery they let me inside. I sat down on his bed, at the side. He was asleep still. His eyes slowly opened and he looked at me
‘’Hey’’I said smiling t him. He looked at his hand which was handcuffed to the bed.
‘’You know this isn’t the time or place to be tying me u, love. Some other time I would love to try it’’he said winking at me. I rolled my eyes
‘’It wasn’t my idea. It was Emma's.’’I said, gesturing to the handcuff.
‘’Where's my hook?’’he asked frantic.
‘’Not sure. Don’t worry you will be fine without it’’I said
‘’You know I might not have my hand but everything else is still intact’’he said, winking at me again.
‘’Your really in the flirting mood today. Surprising with the pain your in. You broke a couple ribs’’I said
‘’Ah well the price to pay’’he said
‘'You shot Belle! Rumpelstiltskin is  not to happy. I would watch your back’’I said
Killian was about to say something but Emma came in.
‘’Mind if I have a chat with him?’’Emma asked
‘’Not at all’’
I gave Kilian a smile and I patted his leg before I walked out. I met David, Snow, Leroy and Ruby who were trying to get into the guwho crashed his cars phone.
‘’You cant guess there are a million different combinations’’Snow said as I came up and stood next to her and Ruby.
‘’10,000’’Ruby said
‘’10,000’’snow repeated
‘’look, Leroy can you get it open or something, hack it’’David asked
‘’You do understand that computer hacking and  pick ax hacking are different’’Leroy said
‘’Here, let me try. I have a thing’’Emma said coming up to us. David handed her the phone
‘’I do know something. There was stuff in his car. A bunch of maps, recites. His name is Greg Mendel’’
Emma put something into the phone and the phone started doing something. I bent over her shoulder to look. We were inside his phone. there was a bunch of calls and pictures of him.
‘’Pictures of him alone. Tourist locations'' Emma said
There were pictures of his food
’’and he takes pictures of his food’’ i said, rolling my eyes a little.
‘’I'll keep looking but I think what we have here is a well documented real life, Ordinary Joe. Or Greg’’Emma said
I nodded and put my hand on my hip, well at least it isn't someone weird or anything.
‘’So what has been keeping random people from stumbling into Storybrooke for the last 28 years’’Ruby said
‘’Is gone’’I finished
‘’Anyone can drive in. why are my instincts telling me that’s a bad thing’’David said
‘’Because have you seen ET or splash or any other movie where they find something magical and stuffy it to death. Think about what they could do to a werewolf’
Oh god. This isn’t good
‘’His friend and family are going to come looking for him soon’’Snow said
‘’Let's try to not over react’’Emma said
''Overreact? This is not good! anyone at anytime could come and see all this magic that goes on in his town.''I said, running my fingers threw my hair.
‘’Leroy right. We don’t need outsiders here’’David said
‘’Hook said he doesn't know where Cora is and god knows what shes going to do. With other people coming here that’s not good for anyone’’
‘’We need to find Regina tell her that she was framed’’I suggested
‘’I'm tracking her. No luck. Shes gone underground’’Ruby explained
‘’But what if Cora finds her first. I don't want to think of the damage that those two could do together. It could not have come at a worse time’’Snow said rushing her words
‘’It's okay. The guys being patched up right now. He will probably be on his way back home by morning’’Emma said
‘’Not quit’’I heard Whale say, i turned to see him walking up to us.
‘’He's bleeding into his chest cavity. Its not a full flood you know but pretty soon he will be drowning in his own blood.’’Whale said
My god, that's horrible. Shouldn't Whale be trying to stop it?
‘’So make it stop. Aren't you a doctor’’Emma said, okay more like demanded. Whale then walked off and I saw Rumple who was coming down the stairs.
‘’Gold’’whale said’’you fixed me. Now fix him. it will cost you nothing’’
‘’No’’Rumple said
‘’I owe non of you anything and some of you owe me’’Rumple said. We all walked up to whale and Rumple.
‘’So yea. Just no. And point of interest the driver, he saw me throwing some magic so instead of trying to get him out of here you better be hoping he dies because if he doesn't. He will be driving tour buses up and down main street. So glad I don’t give a damn’’rumple said.
Okay so this adds to the whole thing, Greg saw Rumple throw magic. Great. Rumple walked off and I ran my fingers threw my hair. Nerves taking over.
‘’Look, letting him die is easy I can do that. If that’s what you decide’’Whale said
No way! That is selfish! Yes he has seen magic but still losing his life because we are selfish enough to let him die!
‘’Let's take this somewhere private’’Emma said
Whale lead us down a hallway and into a supply room.
‘’It's not really murder if we let him sacome(sp?) to his injures’’Whale said opening the door to us.
‘’Umm, i'm pretty sure it is’’I said walking past him and into the room.
‘’Corse we save him’’Snow said
‘’Well’’Leroy said
‘’Leroy!’’snow exclaimed
‘’Well we have to think him through. We save him and kill the whole town is that any better?’’Leroy said
He had a point but the guy shouldn’t have to die for it!
‘’So we have to choice between our lives and his’’Ruby asked
‘’We have to worry about the town later.’’David said
‘’Which doesn't mean we should abandon it’’Snow said
‘’I know but lets worry about Storybrooke after we save a life’’David said.
''David's right''I said.
‘’Dr.Whale. Prep for surgery’’David said facing Whale. Whale walked out of the room.
‘’Anyone else notice he is drunk off his ass?’’Snow asked
I didn’t notice at all! How did I not notice that!
It was silent for a minute before the star wards theme song came flooding into the room. We all looked down at the phone that lemma was holding. It was Greg Mendel's phone.
‘’Someones looking for Greg’’Emma said
‘’How long before they come here?’’I asked worry taking over me.

Authors note:
Bad chapter sorry! It's longer than the other chapters i have been writing. So i think i'm going to do that story about Peter and Rose's background in Neverland, basically per-Dark Horse. It wont be a long story, most likely 15-20 chapters. Not sure yet, i am still planning it all out.

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