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I would like to say before we start sorry for keeping you guys waiting

Colby's POV
I hear a knock on my door I groan and get up to go to the door
I open it and shock appears on my face as I see Brennen Taylor
Right in front of me he's says hey I just wanted to make sure you were okay I invited him in and it felt like hours and hours we would just talk about stuff then Brennen's phone dinged he looked over at it and said oh that's my mom I got to go Colby but hears my Number call me one you want to

Sam's POV
Brennen had went over to Colby's house he hasn't texted me back yet I am starting to worry so I texted Colby to see what happed

Me: hey Colby what happened

Emo god: we'll Brennen came over we talked for hours and then he had to leave

Me: oh okay just wanted to see what happened

Emo god: Why tho

Me: because 😀

Emo god: okay Ima go to bed now

Me: okay good night

Emo god goodnight

Colby's POV

I brushed my teeth and took a shower i got dressed I got in my bed i rolled around in my bed for hours trying to go to bed I texted Brennen

Me: you up

Brennen: yes

Me: what are you doing up

Brennen: what are you doing up

Me: I asked first 😑

Brennen: fine

We texted for hours next thing I know it's 5:00am

I start getting ready for school
Once I'm ready I'm wearing a light blue hoodie with black ripped skinny jeans and some black vans I started walking to class I get into the classroom and walk to my desk at the back of the room 30min into the class And i start to fall asleep Once I do I wake up to someone shaking me it's my teacher she says mr Brock please stay awake in the class I mumble okay the teacher says okay class your going to be pairing up with partners everyone gets up and starts to walk to the friends I stay in my seat and look down at the floor then someone comes up to me it's Brennen my face lights up Brennen smiles and sets down beside me we do the work we have to do and I walk out the class
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