Ten things u didnt know about me but some perps know about

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Hey guy wolfee here today we are going to tell ten fact about me that u didn't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Im a full on nerd I will start talking about video games bring it up I wouldn't stop until u chage the topic

2. I know that I'll bullied in some point if my life because I'm myself not a wannabe


4. I love minecraft

5. I have ten to twenty friends

6. I have brain farts in the worst timing

7. I'm obesse with attack of the titian and anime

8. Im a 5th grader

9. I have curly hair all nature(is that how spell it??¿¿)

10. I have to best friend one has wattpad and never uses it and I have to get the other if wattpad and make them write chapters/stories for me.

Bye my wolf pack see yah soon also join the pack if your not join already and become a wolf today!!¡¡

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