That Would Be Messed Up

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(A/N: This is mostly going to be Michaels POV if you don't mind)

»Michael's POV«

I walk out the school and pull out my phone to text my mom I'm on my way.

I'm on my way home

Stay safe honey! Love you <3

Love you too!

Short, simple, sweet. I turn off my phone and put it in my pocket and walk home. Taking in the little things. It was a really nice day. The clouds looked so pretty, the trees looked beautifully in place. Overall just a perfect day.

~Time skip to house bc I'm lazy~

I open the door.

"I'm home!" I call out.

"Hey sweetie!" I see my mama come down the stairs to see me, "how was school?"

"It was fine," I shrug with a smile.

"Just fine?" She asks. I shrug again and nod.

"Sound exciting," she says sarcastically, "any who, mom made you a snack, it's on the kitchen table."

"Alright, where is mom?" I ask.

"She had to go get some things, she'll be back in a few," She leads me to the kitchen.

"I'll be in the room, when you're done, pick up your things."

"Okay, thanks mama," I smile and sit down to eat the grilled cheese sandwich.

"Love you!" She kissed my cheek.

"Love you too."

When she leaves I pull out my phone to text Jeremy.

How's my player 2?

I've been better.

What happened?

Stepped in water with socks on

Damn, sucks to be you I guess

I guess

You can come over, my moms don't mind.

Alright, I'll ask my dad, have the controller ready for me.

I smile and finish up my food quickly.

"Mama, Jeremy's coming over, is that okay?!" I shout.

     "That's fine, honey, don't be too loud! Tell mom I'm in the room, we'll be watching a show so call us if you need anything!" She yells from upstairs. I nod to myself and turn on the controller. I begin playing by myself for a while. After what seems like forever I hear a knock on the door.

"Who is it?!" I yell out.

"Your mom!" I hear a voice from the other side say. I can confirm 100% it's not my mom and in fact, Jeremy.

I open the door and see his adorable face smiling at me.

"What's goodie in the hoodie?" He asks.

"My mama's upstairs, and my mom went to go run some errands," I say. He nods and comes inside. I close the door behind him and we sit next to each other on the couch.

"Hi Jeremy!" My mama yells from the room.

"Hi mama!" Jeremy says, he just got in the habit of call my parents 'mom' and 'mama' too, so we won't get confused when he says 'Mrs. Mell'. It's easier for all of us. Besides, he's like a son to them anyway.

"So we gettin past level 9 or what?!" He smiled grabbing the controller.

"Hell Yeah we are!" I smiled grabbing the main controller.

After a while of shooting zombies, and game overs, we finally escaped the infected in a helicopter (A/N: I imagine AOTD to be like Left 4 Dead), we finally got past the level. And Jeremy did that cute giggle thing that made my heart melt.

"Yes! Finally!" He shot his arms up in the air and leaned back in his chair. Just then, my mom opened the door with several shopping bags. I got up and grabbed a couple of the bags.

"Need help mom?" Jeremy asked, following behind me, grabbing the last remaining bags before she could answer.

"Jeremy, you're such a sweetheart," my mom smiled at him then turned to me.

"Where's mama?" She asked.

"Upstairs," I replied, setting the bags down on the kitchen table. She smiled and nodded and headed upstairs. She winked twice at me, pointed to Jeremy, and gave me two thumbs up before disappearing into her bedroom. Thankfully his back was turned so he didn't see.

Does she know? Who am I kidding, of course she knows. She knows me like the back of her hand.

"Anyway, I guess we have to beat level 10 now," he smiled at me, "but first, we need to put all this away," he looked at the bags of groceries, he's been to my house enough times to know where everything goes. I help him, of course, I didn't just stand there watching him put things away for me. That would be messed up.

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