Blackjack Boy [Eric Harris x Reader]

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  It was a cool, Friday night and you and a couple of your friends had decided to have a small gathering at your house after school got out

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  It was a cool, Friday night and you and a couple of your friends had decided to have a small gathering at your house after school got out. It was finally spring break for the students at Columbine High School, and you couldn't be more relieved. A week to sleep in until noon, eat as much as you want, and most importantly, hang out with all your friends that you barely see anymore due to your wack school schedule.

Your parents decided that you and your posse would be responsible enough to have the house to yourself while they were out having their own little weekend getaway. But little did they know, a risky game of truth or dare was being planned between you and the two other girls that were over.

The three of you retired to the basement, cranking up your entire CD collection on the sound stereo, the floor rumbling from the vibrations of the bass and the dancing you and your friends have started. You waltzed over to the stereo, turning down the volume so you could talk to the other two in the room.

"Are you guys ready to start truth or dare?" Your friend, Jordan called out, you simply smiled as you sat on the couch with your other friend, Reese. "Well hell yeah, I was waiting until you guys would bring it up." You laughed underneath your breath while Jordan sat on the floor in front of you two. "Well first things first. I think I'm gonna order a pizza or something, because I don't know about you guys, but I'm starving." You saw your friends stare at each other for a split second, smirks forming on their lips as you rose your eyebrows, getting back up to walk over to the phone on the wall

"Well I say Y/N takes the first turn..." Reese mentioned as you picked up the phone, holding it in your hands as you simply rolled your eyes, "Truth or dare, Y/N?" Jordan spoke as you looked at the coupons on the fridge next to you, "Dare." You said with a hint of excitement in your voice. And as if your friends had already assumed you would pick that option, Reese rose her voice, "I dare order a pizza from Blackjacks, and ask for the cutest guy to deliver it to here."

You weren't surprised that that was your dare, Reese has been begging you to try to find a boyfriend for months, and she was obviously running out of ideas if this was her way to get you a man. "You're such an ass!" You yelled as you threw a towel at her, laughs beginning to flood the room as you dialed the number for the Blackjack Pizza in Littleton. While holding the phone up to your ear, you gestured your friends to quiet down as a somewhat familiar voice picked up on the other end.

  "Blackjack's Pizza, how may I help you today?" A small smile creeped onto your lips as you parted them to speak. You rambled off your order as your friends patiently waited for you to go fully with the dare you were assigned to. You tucked a piece of hair behind your ear as you glared over at your friends, "And uh...are you able to have the cutest guy working to deliver it to here?" You managed to spit out as a blushing smile spread across your cheeks. All of a sudden, laughs from both your friends and the person on the phone filled your ears, "I'll see what I can do, ma'am. Your total will be $18.27." Jordan stood up from the floor and nudged you slightly as you hung up the phone on the wall.

  "Y'all are assholes! You know that?" You barked out as Reese walked over with your arms crossed, "Oh well you're really gonna hate me for this then..." God only knows what was going on in that head of hers. Your eyebrows rose as you awaited your fate, "For when he asks for a tip, you don't give em money, you gotta give him a fat smooch on the lips." You couldn't believe that that sentence rolled off her tongue like it was nothing. "You're fucking kidding me, aren't you..." Reese and Jordan shook their heads with large smiles on their faces, while your face was more shocked and confused with all the events that are happening. "Come on, its not gonna be that bad! It could be that really cute guy that's on the basketball team.~" Jordan mentioned as you began to make your way upstairs.

You think a simple dare wouldn't cause you to have your mind all over the place, but in fact, it was. Your hands were shaking while your friends stood behind you. You wouldn't be surprised if Reese was standing their with a camera, ready to film the entire thing. "Come on Y/N, it can't be as bad as you think it will be, who knows, maybe he'll spend the night." Reese called out as you rolled your eyes, your hands were shaking as you saw a grey Honda Prelude pull up into your driveway, your friends chuckling behind you as you saw a boy you recognized come out of the car with two pizza boxes in his arms. He was in your Biology class.

  "Is that-" "Eric Harris...." you finished your friends statement, your heart beginning to race as a knock was heard on the door. You quickly turned back at Reese and Jordan as you walked up to the door, your hand on the knob, begging to to turn it. You were met with a boy with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes, a backwards SnapBack covering most of his locks, "And that will be $18.27-" he looked up at you and you saw his eyes widen, a blush dancing across his cheeks as you handed him the exact change as Jordan walked over and took the pizza from the boys hands (but probably just to see you would complete your task. "Oh shit, I forgot your tip." You felt your cheeks heat up as you leaned in closer to Eric. You saw him lick his lips slightly, a smile dancing across his face as you placed your hand on his cheek pulling him into a small, and soft peck on the lips.

  Hands cupped your sides as he pulled you in closer to his form, before things got too heated, you pulled away, your face just about as red as the shirt you were wearing. Eric stood shocked, smiling from ear to ear, "O-Oh um, here your receipt..." he handed you the thin piece of paper, you held it in between your hands and you looked down at it, a phone number scribbled on it in blue pen, "Hey Harris, why don't you come over later when your shift is over?" Reese mentioned with a smirk on your lips, you turned around at her, mentioning her to shut her trap. "You totally should, I'm sure Y/N would enjoy that.~" Jordan finished and a small chuckle left Eric's lips, looking back up at you, his cheeks dusted a light shade of pink, "Sounds like a plan, Y/N.~" He mentioned with a wink as he walked down the driveway and back into his car, you closing the door behind him.

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