Chapter 12: Math

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Lucy's P.O.V

I wake up to someone shaking me. "Lucy!" I look up and see Natsu with his hands on my shoulders. "LUCY KICK!!" I kick him and he falls back holding his nose. "Ow..."

"HOW DID YOU GET INTO MY BEDROOM?!" I yell. "Through the window." He says simply. "Why did you crawl through the window instead of just ringing the doorbell like yesterday?!" I ask my voice still a little raised.

"I did! No one answered. I got here at's 5:15!" He says pouting a little bit. "Oh...sorry." He starts to walk downstairs "Just get ready, I'll make breakfast." Ugh, I shouldn't have stayed up so late. 

I do my morning routine and walk downstairs. I walk into the kitchen to find a bowl of grits sitting on the table. I shove my breakfast down and right as I finish Natsu grabs my arm and drags me to the door.

"Hey calm down, what's the rush?" I ask while he runs dragging me behind him. "It's 6:58, we're going to be late!" He says not looking back. "WHAT!! WHY IS IT SO LATE?!" I ask. "Because SOMEONE didn't wake up and then they took forever getting ready." He says.

"Oh...uh, sorry." We run all the way to school. Right as the bell rings we walk in the door. The teacher glares at us. "Get here on time you two, now take your seats" We sit down and everyone is staring at us but I'm kind of used to that now.


I run up to Natsu and tap him on the shoulder. "You coming to the cafeteria today?" I ask. "Yep." He answers. We walk to the cafeteria and sit down at our usual table. "Soooo why were you two late?" Cana asks smirking slightly.

"because someone took forever to wake up" Natsu mumbles but I heard him. "Oh, shut up. You're just mad that I get more sleep than you." I say smacking the back of his head. "Hey! No, I just do my homework when I get home and not late at night, unlike some people." He says back.

"How did you know I was doing homework?!" I ask surprised. "I didn't, I just guessed but since reacted like that I know I'm right." He said and I pout a little. "Awww you guys are just too cute!"  Mira squeals. "I know right? They're adorable!" Cana adds. 

"Huh?" Natsu looks confused. "Ugh, just ignore them." I say rolling my eyes. And with that the bell rings.

<><><>After School<><><>

Natsu and I walk to my house talking all the way. I unlock the door and we walk in. "Alright, let's get started." Natsu says setting his backpack down next to the dining room table. "Oh uh, we can um, sit down first right? I mean we just got home from school we should relax." I say.

Natsu looks at me and raises and eyebrow "Your just trying to stall so that you don't have to do math. Not gonna work, get over here." I sigh in defeat "fiiiiiiiiiiine" He smiles "Come on, I had to do biology, now you have to do math."

"Yeah but biology is eeeasyyy" I say. "Is not!" He says pouting a bit. I chuckle "Is too" "Is not" "Is too" "Is not" "Is too" "Is too" "Is not" "Ha! So you agree with me it IS hard!" Natsu says smiling. "Dang it! Technically you agreed with me too though."

"Ugh, whatever. Let's just get started." He says taking his math notes out of his backpack.

<><>A Few Hours Later<><>

"I think I actually get it!" I squeal in accomplishment. "'Actually?' You should have more confidence in yourself. It's like you said, you just needed someone to explain it to you differently." Natsu says smiling.

"Yeah, yeah. Can we stop now and take a break? I just wanna relax now." I ask. "Sure. I guess I'll go then." He says and packs and starts heading for the door. "Wait, you can stay if you want. I can get kinda bored alone sometimes." I say.

"You sure? I don't wanna intrude." He says. "Yeah, come sit down." I say patting the spot next to me on the couch. He smiles "Ok" He jumps on the couch throwing his backpack down.

I turn on Netflix "Wanna choose a show?" I ask handing him the remote. "Sure" He takes the remote and chooses a show. We watch it for a few hours when I find myself getting a little tired. 


I can feel the light coming into the room. I don't wat to get up. The pillow I was hugging was so warm. The pillow breathed out. Wait, the pillow breathed out? I open my eyes to see my arms wrapped around a sleeping Natsu.

I jump back and fall of the couch. Natsu's eyes fly open "Are you ok? Wait, what time is it?!" I check my phone and when I see the time I yelp. "What, what time is it?" Natsu asks. "IT'S 10:15!!" I scream.

"10:15!!" Natsu says jumping up. "WE'RE THREE HOURS LATE FOR SCHOOL NATSU!!" I say still screaming. "I KNOW!!" "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!" "I DON'T KNOW!! Ugh...Alright, we need to calm down." Natsu says sighing.

"Should we just go to school late?" I ask. "Yeah, I guess" Natsu says heading towards the door and grabbing his backpack "Let's go" "What, right now? What about breakfast?" I complain. "By the time we get to school it will already be lunch, there's no point" He says.

"Fiiine, let's go." I whine and we head out the door and run to school.


I don't really have anything to say so...hope you enjoyed, bye!

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