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Kentrell Desean Gaulden

"Nigga I'm tired, I just stood on stage and performed for a whole hour. My feet hurt" I said handing Draco his tablet before sitting down

"so yo' ass ain't tryna go get no bitch. Just for the night" Ben asked me causing me to scrunch my face. Nigga was deadass

"Nigga do you hear yourself?" I sat back looking at him

"Yeah, you tryna get a bitch or what?"

"Ben ian looking for no bitch, showing love will bring you pain. I got kids to take care of, I can't take care of them broken hearted bout no bitch " he looked up

"Yo' ass been single since ole girl Nessa cheated on you, and that was months ago" he looked at me

"and yo' point is?" ian care bout shit this nigga had to say. I just wanted to make money and take care of my kids

Can't nobody make me do otherwise

"you need a lover bruh?" he laughed

"Ion need shit, but my family" nigga tryna set me up

"find the right one"

"I'll do that when I'm ready, but now ain't the time. I gotta stay focused on one thing, ain't no bitch on my bucket list" I picked up my blunt and lighter, and lit my blunt

Ben was still talking, but I was listening to shit he was saying.

"See these hoes fall for anything nowadays, they —-" I Cut Him Off

"nigga you blowing my high. Usually it's Draco, but damn. That nigga knocked out and you acting like him" he started laughing. Wasn't shit funny

"I'm deadass"

"Chill cause you wasn't listening anyway" he was right bout that one

"I wasn't, but we gotta go" I Said standing up

"nigga where yo' well known ass think you going?" he asked

"I'm going to pick Kamrynn up from practice. It's 6:30" I reminded him

"You can't go nowhere without yo' guards"

"That is right, you must be gone go get her" I assumed

"Yeah I gotchu" he said grabbing his keys off the desk

"By the time you get her and get back over on this side of town we gone be home. Come straight to my crib" he nodded before leaving

We left the show and went home. Ben and Kam had Came in the house a few minutes after we got settled

"What the fuck wrong with her?" I asked Ben as he walked in the house holding Kam

"she can't hold herself up, and walk right" he told me, I looked at Kam and scrunched my face up. Her eyes was red

"Ben put her ass down, and stop playing"

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