Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

"A-A-Ah.... U-U-Uhm....." You stuttered like an idiot. The guy with the blind fold quickly knew what was going on, "You have problems with talking to people, correct?" He said gently smiling at you. You nodded then hid behind Aesop, which also had problems with talking to people. "What's your name?" The guy with the blind fold said leaning his arm out letting his owl fly towards you and landing on your shoulder. "Y-Y/n.." you mumbled, he smiled, "Eli Clark, nice name y/n." he leaned his arm out letting the owl fly back to his shoulder. You went next to Aesop who stood there confused. "Hey, i'm assuming Emily bribed you?" Eli said looking at Aesop. After like 10 seconds Aesop nodded, "If you like, I can show her/him around since you don't like being by people." He smiled at him. You kinda were sad that Aesop was gonna leave but surprisingly he said it was fine but Eli tagged along anyways. You three arrived in the kitchen where there was William, Martha and two other boys. One with a green hood was laughing at the cowboy and the William who were arguing. "Vera doesn't need your help!" William yelled, "Doesn't matter! I can go in whoever's room I want!" cowboy yelled, the green hooded figure was crying on the floor from all that laughing, "Hey Eli, Aesop check out this fight!" He wheezed on the floor. "Naib, get up." Martha sighed from the kitchen door, staring at the 6 of you who are in the dining area. Naib weakly pulled himself up wheezing then wiping his tears away. "Stop stealing her clothes!" William yelled at the cowboy, "You should be ashamed!" "For what? Going inside a girl's room to 'help' her?" He chuckled staring at William. "Y-Yeah! You should be ashamed!" You yelled, stuttering your first words. The room went silent, William looked at you in awe while the cowboy walked over to you with a red face meanwhile Naib and Martha were laughing. "Y-Y-YKNOW WHAT! I WAS 'HELPING' HER!" He stuttered. "Cough, sure, cough." Eli said looking away. "Not you too Eli!" The guy shouted "Yikes! First bad impression to the new girl!" The green hooded figure said bursting out laughing. The cowboy stormed out and the green hooded man walked up to you, "Great one! Uh....." "Y/n." Eli said "Great one y/n!" The green hooded male said full of energy. "Naib's the name." He winked and ran off after Martha pulled out a gun. "Apologies miss/mr y/n, he's a bit young... Mentally and physically." Martha said bowing down. "Dinner's about ready, would you like to help out?" She asked looking at the three of you. "I-I U-Uhm! Of course!" You stuttered and walked towards Martha and into the kitchen, "Boys? Get everyone please?" She said looking back at them. They nodded and gulped once Martha was out of sight 's-scary...' both of them thought after leaving to get the others. Once you and Martha got finished setting the table a couple of people came in. A guy with two different colored eyes, a gardener, Emily and Naib, but followed behind were Aesop and Eli, you smiled at the two and Eli returned the smile but you weren't sure about Aesop with his mask covering his face. "What's cooking good looking?" Naib said to Martha winking at her before getting elbowed to the face. "Naib! Oh Martha.." Emily sighed grabbing Naib and leading him to his room. After a while the more came, a girl with red hair and a VERY  skin showing dress, a girl holding a perfume bottle who sprayed herself a lot of times, the cowboy, a boy with a book,  Dude with a glasses and neat clothes and a boy, normal looking. "Hey, where's Marg, Helena, Servais and Tracer?" The girl with the perfume said looking around. "MY NAMES NOT TRACER FROM POWERWATCH!(aka overwatch)" A girl with a robot shouted. Tap tap tap A girl with a ballerina's clothing and a girl with a cane came inside, "Thank you Margaretha." The girl said smiling at the dancer. "Helena! You made it safe!" The gardener shouted.

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