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Epilogue (COMPLETED)

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   Crystalstar hopped down from the Tall Oak. The five new warriors, Hunterpelt, Wolfeyes, Echocave, Cherrystem, and Horsefang greeted the new warriors and cats congraulated them. Crystalstar looked at them with pride. They were such fine warriors. Hunterpelt looked to be a great hunter, taken after his father. She looked over at the medicince cat den. Hazelfur had died three sun-rises ago. It was such a tragedy to see a great medicine cat and a great cat go. At least she will be with her mate.

   "Crystalstar?" mewed Vineclaw. She walked up to her leader. "How long will Sweetpaw be at the Pineclan camp?"

    "Maybe a few more moons." she anwsered. "Then she can come back." The calico and white she-cat went to their camp to train as a medicine cat and then come back. They had no choice but to do that. The she-cat was willing but afraid to go. The clan finaly coaxed her to go.

   "Okay." she mewed and sat down. "What are you thinking about?"

   "Just about Hazelfur." Crystalstar meowed. "How do you think she died?"

   "Only Starclan knows." Crystalstar looked at the kits who had emerged from the nursery. Grasskit and Rushingkit had gotten into a play fight and Rockkit was sitting quietly next to his mother. Speckle also watched her kits playing.

   "Only Starclan knows." Vineclaw repeated.

   Crystalstar looked at the rising sun. It was so much like her clan- sitting in darkness, and then rising high in the sky, only to be broughten down agian. Eventually it will rise, and rule the sky. Like her clan, they go through trouble, but then rise to be stong agian. Crystalstar felt pride running through her. Birds chirped, the wind gently blew, and the meows of happy cats echoed the ravine. Happiness seemed to be everywhere.

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