What would your animagus be?- James Potter

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"I'm intrigued. What do you guys think our animagus' would be." James said wondering around the common room. You and Remus glanced at each other before rolling your eyes simultaneously.

"Dunno mate." Sirius answered not really listening due to trying to get his prank to work.

"James, you wont know what your animagus is until you change into it." You comment watching your friend with interest. James just stopped pacing and stared at you with a "whatever" look before Remus agrees with you.

"Persides, your animagus is based on your personality so it could be anything." Remus adds shrugging.

"You don't say, Moony. And you too (Y/N/N)" James graons in annoyance.

"Well I think Sirius's would be a dog or something." You say laughing a little bit which gets Sirius's attention. He looks at you and smirks liking the idea.

"Okay, so what would yours be then, (Y/N)?" James questions standing in front of you with a smug look. You glance up at him shrugging your shoulders not really bothered about the topic.

"Well, Moony wont have one because he's a Werewolf, Peter's would be a rat or something like that and I hate to admit it but I agree with you, Sirius would a dog. But you... you (Y/N), I reckon yours would be a..." You watch as James gestures to your friends before trailing off when it came to guessing your animagus.

James about to answer when Sirius cut in. "An eagle! (Y/N) would be an eagle." He says sounding happy that he thought of it. You all laugh at this purely becasue of the way Sirius had come out with it.

James however, still looked bummed out that no one had come up with a possible animagus that he might turn into. He was about to sit down and forget the whole conversation until he spotted Lily walking down the stairs from her dorm.

"Evans! I need your opinion on an urgent matter." He called standing back up. Lily glanced at you with a curious look, you just smiled innocently and shrugged. She sighed in annoyance before strolling over.

"What is it, Potter?" She demanded.

"What do you think my animagus would be? And be honest." James added sounding his usual smug self. You on the other hand was trying not to laugh at what you feared Lily was going to say because you knew full well that she wasn't going to take it seriously.

She took a moment to think of her answer all while Remus, Peter, Sirius and you waited for her answer. She raised an eyebrow at James and spoke.

"A pig." Lily bluntly came out with it before walking off out of the common room. "See you later, (Y/N)."

After watching Lily leave you all burst out laughing, finding her answer funny. You were all laughing as if her answer was the funniest in the world.

"That was cold, Evans. That was cold." James mutters as you all continued to laugh.

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