Tanner Academy- Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 


Enjoy everybody!

Peace out! 


Cade's P.O.V

Everything was really fuzzy and dark. There was a throbbing pain in my forehead and I struggled against unconsciousness. It was hard though. It was a crushing blackness that was threatening to overwhelm me, and I wanted it to. But I couldn't sleep now, I knew I couldn't. There was something happening... something I needed to do... 

I couldn't remember properly. I just needed to wake up. 

With a tremendous effort, I heaved my eyelids open. My senses slowly started to float back and I concentrated my energy to my forehead.  

I groaned and rolled onto my side, pushing my body up with my arms. My limbs felt like lead as I slowly stood up. 

There was lots of noise everywhere but I couldn't figure out why.  

My vision started to come from the haze and I saw that I was standing behind two men wearing black. A few girls stood in front of them, watching me with horror stricken faces.  

And Dez was screaming as one of the men raised a gun to her head.  

It all came back to me in that split second. 

Fast as lightening, I reached out and grabbed the men's heads with each hand. Without hesitation, I slammed their skulls together with an audible CRACK. 

I let their bodies sink to the floor and I stumbled to lean on the door. I snatched away their life-energies and felt it replenish my limbs.  

The girls were still watching me with shock. 

Dez shut her mouth and all of the noise ceased. Beads of sweat trickled down her face and she was breathing heavily. "That should wake them up." She said hoarsely and smiled.  

"You ok?" I asked, trying to steady myself. 

She nodded. "Just a little tired. I thought you died Cade! Never do that again." 

I smiled and gave her the thumbs up before I heard another BANG in the hallway. I looked at Dez and quickly said "Get everybody out.", before running out into the hallway.  

Another soldier wearing black camo hung from the wall. Two sharp icicles had pinned him to the wall and the door had been thrown off its hinges. Stephanie stood at the entrance of her dorm with a sphere of water hovering above her hand. Her make-up was a mess and sobs still hacked her chest. 

I glanced at the man and then back to her. "Nice work." I said. 

She sobbed even harder. "H-he killed S-Shelly!" she gasped. 

I looked in her dorm, and sure enough, Shelly lay dead on the floor with her brains decorating the wall behind her. "Can y-you do anything?" Stephanie asked hopefully. 

I made a show of checking her pulse for Stephanie's sake but I already knew it was too late. Stephanie's not going to like hearing this.  

"Sorry Stephanie, there's nothing I can do." I said and winced at how cliché it sounded. 

She erupted into a fresh wave of cries and I ushered her and the other girls to follow Dez. When they were gone I heard an intercom buzz on from one of the soldier bodies. "Footscout do you read me? Footscout!" it said over the static, the voice was so faint but I could still hear it. 

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