1st Date

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Dear Diary. 14th February, 2016. Monday, 6:30 pm.

You must already know how excited I am for my date tomorrow!!! Yeah yeah, I know you wouldn't call it a date, but hey! You know how much of a bookworm I am! Going to the library is a date! Welp, whatever. It's not like you can answer me like Tom Riddle's diary!

First, we'll meet up at McDonald's by one, and take our food away to the park. We then go to the library by one thirty, and leave by two. Though considering how much we both like books, we'll be there for at least an hour... Then, we'll grab a milkshake, we part ways after talking for thirty minutes, and finally and sadly, we go back home.

How's that sound! Isn't it wonderful!

Well, see you tomorrow diary. Be prepared to hear some boasting!

Dear Diary. 15th February, 2016. Tuesday, 3:30 pm.

Yeah yeah. At first it was fine. We met up as we said, had our Big Mac's at the park, when a few of his school friends passed by... I remember every detail of it perfectly diary... You know how I've got good memory...

''Andrew! Watcha doing here!?'' A guy asked. He and his friends wearing hoodies with caps, ripped jeans with ripped shirts. They were mounted on their bikes, huddling around us. 

''Nothing much, just came out for lunch with this guy.''

''What, you're gay?'' They all sniggered and I looked down, my fringe building a barrier between me and the world. The headphones around my neck felt like it was slowly suffocating me, my shirt felt too tight, my trousers too baggy, and overall, it felt like I was melting under their gaze.

''No! I'm not gay!''

''But you're with another guy, on a saturday, even though we invited you over to use my new Xbox! How does that say you're not gay!''

''All it says is that I met a guy instead of going to another guy's house! Which sounds more gay!? Visiting a guy's house, or meeting a guy at the park!? Going to a guy's house, duh!'' Andrew shot back. I wanted to crawl into a hole and starve myself to death or something rather than embarrass him in front of his friends... 

''Ooh! Andrew's sticking up for his boyfriend!'' They taunted. They laughed even more when I tried to stop Andrew from pummeling them with his fists. 

''Is Andrew's boyfriend worried? Is his little faggot friend afraid??'' Something snapped inside, and the next thing I knew, I was at the bus stop, on the bus, and then home.

I am writing this now Diary, so that you know. It was awful, and that you're lucky, that I'm the only one you see.

Dear Diary. 15th February, 2019. Friday, 8:00 pm.

Long time no see Diary. Will you be surprised to know? That he loved me too, but now that's long ago. Now he's with me always, infact I said ''I do.''

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