Chapter 10~

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Lucy's POV

Natsu is now face to face with me. He opens his mouth and says, "What the hell were you thinking?" he mumbles. "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!" he is now yelling. "I'm sorry Natsu.." I say sheepishly. Natsu quickly wraps his arms around me. "What if she killed you Luce?" he said with tears in his eyes. "What do you think that would've done to guild? Your friends? Me?" he asked now crying. "I'm sorry Natsu." I say hugging him tightly. "I wasn't thinking.... I don't know what I would've done if you didn't come and save me." I say burying my face into his muffler. I feel his warm tear on roll down my neck. I pull away from him. I can tell he didn't like that by the noise he made. I whipped his tears and grabbed his face to were we are eye to eye. They next thing I did I couldn't control. I pulled him to face and kissed him. His face became so red it would put Erza's hair to shame. After I let go Natsu eye were widened and he was in complete shock. I looked down shyly with a slight pink color painted across my face.
On the way home Natsu and I didn't talk. It was pretty awkward. When we got back to the guild everyone was doing the normal, talking, eating and drinking. Natsu went over to where Erza, Gray and some others sat I walked to bar wear a blue and White haired mage were. "Hey Mira can I have a-" "A pink lemonade?" She says with a smile. "How'd you know" I say in a fake curious voice while giggling a little. "Hey Levy I need to talk to you" I say with a worried expression. "What is it Lu~Chan?" She says with a questioning expression "Not here we'll talk later" I kinda whispered. "What was that Lu~Chan" Mira asked sweetly handing me my drink. "Oh nothing Mirajane." I said nervously finishing my drink and grabbed Levy's arm rushing out of the guild. I rush her to the library. "You know about the matting thing right?" I asked curiously. "Of course LuLu! I mean I can't forget about it... I'm dating a dragon slayer... it's torture." She says rolling her eyes. I giggle a little and we are on a hunt for any books that could tell us about "Matting season" Levy finds a book and calls me over. "What you find Levy?" I asked looking at the book. She opened the book and went to page one and began reading.
"When a dragon goes into Mating season it basically the after math of them hitting puberty. The first stage of them knowing they've gone into mating season and have found their soon to be mate the scent of their mate becomes stronger. They also become really protective over their mate." Levy read a few more pages and got to the interesting part.
"When it's time to mate the dragon slayer will tell their mate and if they agree than they will mate... but if they don't agree the dragon slayer would go into depression and sooner or later kill them selves because their will to live means nothing without their mate..." Levy got into more of what happens and about an hour passes and we finally leave. "He Lu... can I tell you something?" She asked. I could hear the nervousness in her voice. "What is it Levy~Chan?" I asked worried. "I mated with Gajeel and..." She said turning around pointing to her guild mark which now outlined with a black lining. "WOW!" I said in amazement. "I guess this happens after you mate." Levy said with a smile. I smile a sweet at her. "I'm so happy for you Levy!" I said cheerfully. "SHRIMP!" I hear a dark voice calling. "Can't a girl ever get some privacy" Levy mutters. I snicker. "It's Levy! Say it Lev-y" see said in his face "SHRI-MUP" Gajeel says getting closer to Levy. And without ANY warning Levy is swept of her feet being carried away. "HELP ME LU~CHAN!" She says at Gajeel licks her neck. "SAVE ME FROM THIS PERVERT!" She screams. I just giggle and wave bye as they disappear. I walk home and I decided to take a shower. After my shower I walk out to get my clothes. I feel a presence behind me and turn around "AHHH! LUCY KICK" I stretch and kick the person. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR LUCE?!"  He said getting up. "Whoops sorry Natsu." I say sheepishly. "It's okay... anyways..." he trails off. "What do you wanna do?" He asked with a smile. While Natsu it 9 pm so I'm sleepy." I say with my hands on my hips. *Hmm* I get the best idea I get really close to his face . "You wouldn't mind staying the night would you?" I said sexily. Natsu face turned bright red and he froze. I gave him the puppy dog eyes and he finally gives in. I get changed into pajamas and soon after I drag him towards the bed and we lay down. I snuggle into him a feel a safe and warmth run through my veins. I smile when I hear light snoring. After I while I drift off into sleep as well. I wake up to strong and warm arms around my body. I realize who it is and snuggle into him. "I...I" I hear him say. "I love you L...Luce" I blush a crimson red that would put Erza's hair to shame. I quickly get up and my actions seem to wake up Natsu. "What is it Luce?" He asked waking up. "N-nothing N-Natsu." I say stammering and laughing nervously. "Are you sure?" He asked getting up. "Mhm! Everything's g-great" I shiver at what he said. He gets really close and my heart rapidly beats in my chest. "Hmm" He says leaning down his onyx eyes red like flames. He leans down into my neck and...
Sorry for the cliffhanger and the next chapter will be the last!

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