Chapter 2 - Why You Got to Be So Charming?

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Chapter 2 - Why You Got to Be So Charming?


        I got up with a giddy smile. I bet this was how I felt when I had gotten drunk without the sadness. I cleaned up and got dressed in a plain white blouse, some skinny jeans, and tied my hair in a loose bun.

        I went down the stairs for breakfast. As soon as I sat down with my cereal bowl Skye came down carrying Julia.

        "Someone's happy."Skye stated.

        "Yep"I said popping my p.

        As soon as she set down Julia, she ran over to me and said,"Can you play with me today? I don't want to got to Daycare. Please! Your des-pica!"She pulled out the adorable eyes.

        I couldn't say no yet I had mail to do.

        "I'm so sorry Julia, but I have mail today."

        I looked at the time and noticed I had to get going. I finished my cereal and left saying,"Wake mom up Skye!"

        "Whatever,"she responded.

        I rolled my eyes at her response. I went to my bike and headed for Nico's house.

        I got there in time, though it's not like Nico's going to come until later.

        Well I thought wrong, the door suddenly swung open showing a groomed Nico with a guitar.

        Suddenly he sang:

My sweet sweet Zoey how's your day

Do you have problems up your sleeve today

Well I'm here to save the day

May I take you out to dinner today? 

        He smirked seeing my shocked face. 


        "Same reaction as yesterday. Well I tried." He started going inside,but I said,"You're amazing and I'd love to go with you!"I smiled so big I think my eyes disappeared.

        "I know I'm amazing! Thank you! Thank you!"He bowed.

        "Well come on we still have mail."

        All through-out he had been obedient. Wow! Who knew he could!

        We put in the last mail when he said,"I'll pick you up at eight."

        "Where are we going?"

        "That's a surprise."He smirked and winked as we parted ways.

        I wonder...

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