Chapter 2

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"What was that all about?" Derek asked once I finally snapped out of the trance I was in. I pushed myself off of the locker and walked down the hall with him.

"Nothing," I said.

He raised a brow. "Alpha Roman doesn't just pull students out of class for nothing." A smirk stretched across his face. "So, what'd you do?"

I glanced around to make sure nobody was listening, then pulled him to the side. Most of the students were already out the doors of the school, piling into their cars and heading home for the night.

"I kinda did a thing," I started. "A really bad thing." A really naughty thing that I planned to do again tonight.

Bitch One came clacking down the hall, her heels crashing against the tiled floor with each step. She was typing on her phone, her long manicured nails moving a hundred miles a minute. I quieted down and waited for her to pass, but she didn't. Instead she lingered in the hallway a few feet away from us.

"Isabelle, goody-two shoes, did something bad?" Derek gasped, a fake over-exaggerated gasp. It was enough to get Vanessa's attention. Her gaze lifted to her phone to us. And I knew she was listening to every word we were saying, probably trying to figure out how she could get called out in the middle of class by her hunk of a crush, Roman.

I pulled Derek down the hallway and to his car. When I knew we were finally away from prying ears, I smirked. "Okay, so..."

When I finished detailing last night, Derek smirked. "You're such a 'ho."

I smiled back and lightly pushed his shoulder. "I am not... but I need you to bring me home."

"So you can do your little mating dance for your alpha?"

I winked at him, but playfully slapped his shoulder again. "Stop it! It's not my fault. He's the one watching me. I didn't ask him to do it."

Once I was home, I changed into a tiny white tank top, but kept my skirt on. Easier access. Mom and Dad weren't home yet; I doubted they'd be back until later tonight which game me so much time to do whatever the hell I wanted.

It was still light outside, so I had some time to myself before Roman went on his nightly run. But no matter the amount of time I had to do something other than think about him, I couldn't. I laid in bed and thought about today. His strong arms wrapped around me, his cock pressed against my ass, his fingers so damn close to my pussy. My fingers were teasing my clit already.

My eyes fluttered closed. I was picture him doing the same. His big hand wrapped around his cock, stroking it up and down as he watched me.

Was it wrong? Was this whole thing wrong? Yes. I didn't even know if we were mates yet; I'd find out in two weeks once I turned 18. But all I knew was that I couldn't keep it together with him.

Every time I saw him training, his thick muscle glistening under the sun, I just wanted him to push me against the nearest tree and fuck me until I could barely move.

I slipped my hand into my panties and continued to rub my clit, my fingers making small quick circles. The pressure in my core built higher and higher.

His hand around my neck, with each thrust pulling me to him. Pumping in and out and in and out.

Oh, God. I grasped the bed sheets.

Suddenly, someone pounded on the front door, but I ignored it. Mom and Dad always did tell me never to answer the door for strangers, so for once in my life I was planning on taking their advice.

I was so damn close to cumming. I wasn't about to stop. The pressure was too much. I rolled my nipple around between two of my fingers and moaned.

My door was slammed open. And Roman stood in front of it, his golden eyes devouring me.

I pulled my hand away from my panties, sat up, and yanked the sheets over my body, my eyes wide at the sight of him. Sure, having him watch me from all the way outside was fine, but now he was here, so close, and I was freaking out.

"What did I fucking tell you?" he growled. His jaw was clenched. "You don't like to listen."

I gulped. Why was he here? It wasn't even dark out yet. He should be at the pack house.

He stalked in and yanked the blanket off of me, his gaze lingering on my nipples poking through my shirt. His biceps flexed. "Here I was thinking you were just some sweet innocent girl." He pulled me over his knee. "Huh?" His large, calloused hand rubbed my ass over my skirt. "I'm going to show you how I treat people in my pack who don't follow orders."

He pulled up my skirt, then his hand came down hard against my ass. I bit my lip, trying to hold back a moan. Then he did it again. And again. I could feel his hardness against my stomach.

"Are you going to be a good girl from now on?" he asked.

I paused, my core clenching.

"Answer me Isabelle," he ordered, his hand gripping my ass.

"No," I whispered.

"No?" He pulled some hair out of my face and yanked it back. "No?"


His fingers pressed into my wet panties. "Does disobeying me make you this fucking wet?" He began moving his fingers in small circles around my clit.

"Yes," I moaned.

"Look at me when you're talking," he said.

I gazed up at him, brows pulled together. "Yes, Alpha." My core clenched.

His fingers moved faster and faster on my clit. I squeezed my eyes shut. The pressure was building higher in my pussy, I could feel myself so close to the edge. His fingers slowed, and I groaned, the pressure disappearing slightly. Then he started back up.

I didn't know how many times he stopped and started again. My pussy was aching for a release, and I wanted to cum for him. "Please, Alpha. Please let me cum," I begged.

"Is that what you want? To cum?" he asked. I nodded my head. "Only good girls get to cum."

I stared up at him, brows creased. "I'll be a good girl, I-I promise."

He smirked down at me, his fingers speeding up one last time. I clenched. I was so damn close. Then, he stopped and pulled his fingers away from my pussy. "We'll have to see about that." He placed me on the bed and grasped my chin. "If you can prove to me that you can be good, I'll reward you, my dear Isabelle."


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